Top 5 Virgin Killing Sweaters


The ideas that fashion gurus have are sometimes crazy. But at the end of the day, they end up winning the hearts of many. The virgin killing sweaters are a crazy idea, which has 100% fulfilled the purpose of their creation.

In this review, we sample out the best of these sweaters. We look at what they are and the reasons why they are gaining popularity.

What is a Virgin Killing Sweater?

The idea behind the creation of these sweaters is to grab the attention of shy virgin men, and consequently drive them wild. The sweater is backless and has a turtle neck. The design allows the sweater to show off the sides of the boobs.

On the back side, the sweater also hangs low; if you are cheeky, you can let the sweater expose part of your bum. Crazy, right?

The phrase “doutei wo korosu” is a standard reference for these sweaters. The phrase simply suggests that it would excite a virgin man to death.

Now, understand that there may be variation in design, and that is what we consider today. Some have a front, ample coverage with no space to show cleavage while others have a slit right at the front center, exposing part of the boobs.

Asian countries like Japan are popular with these sweaters. However, since they struck the online market, the sweaters are expanding their popularity to other regions.

If you have curves to flaunt, certainly, this is the jumper for you. Since its inception, Japanese women in fashion industries and shows love it.

How did they become popular?

The idea to make shy men more attracted to women made these jumper sort of becoming a meme. The sweater sold out in a day when it was released. Its picture went viral in Japan.

Since then, more and more Japanese women have been using these sweaters. Notably, girls and women attending comic shows, as well as comic shoots, use the sweater.

Do women love these sweaters? I don’t know. But there’s no doubt about men’s reaction about this sweater.

The different designs of this sweater speak volumes about them. The latest virgin-slayer, 3 years later, is skimpy from every angle, more than the original design.

Which is the best Virgin Killing Sweater for you?

Virgin killing sweaters come in different designs and sizes. So you must be keen to find a sweater that suits you.


The design: typically, this goes with confidence. Some pieces of sweaters show off more skin than others. If you are not afraid of exposing off some parts of your body, you might consider buying an option that allows for that.

Where to wear the sweater matters: where do you find suitable to where these sexy sweaters? If you plan to wear these sweaters outdoors, ensure that the weather isn’t awfully cold. But what you’ll get in return is heads turning. If you are confident enough, you are good to go, anyway.

Virgin killing sweaters would fit the indoor environment. Maybe when you are having a house party. Still, you can wear it on a lovely day or night to entice your partner.

Be sure of your purchase: at times, you make a purchase that you aren’t sure of. That is a waste of money. You have to go through a checklist to ensure that you really need this sweater. That implies finding answers to questions like:

Is it a correct fit?

How often will I wear it?

Will it look great on me?

Does it excite me?

Is it comfortable?

By now, you know that the virgin killing sweaters cover the body scantly. Finding correct answers to these questions will make it worth it.

Size matters: the jumper is flattering- no doubt about it. It will be more flattering if you get the right size. Check out how the jumper will look on you from behind, besides the sides and the front. Is it what you like?

Comparison of the Top 5

1)    Pxmoda Women’s Sexy Backless Anime  Jumper Vest

You’ll appreciate the fact that Pxmoda backless virgin killer sweater fits all sizes, thanks to the high-quality shrinkable material. Actually, it is made of 100% knit wool

The sweater is 23.6inch long, but the size of up to 36inch and a collar size of 7inch high.

The sweater fabric is soft, making it comfortable on your body in all seasons. That is why it features a thin fabric. The thinness of the fabric is to make the sweater ideal, even in a hotter environment.

While the sweater might be warm, it is recommended that you wear a coat in cold weather.

Make this jumper your sexy evening attire to feed the eyes of your husband. Still, they are excellent room clothing.


  • Fits snuggly
  • Looks cute
  • Soft on the skin
  • Affordable
  • Warm


  • If you have a large butt and ample chest, it won’t fit perfectly; it fits like a shirt
  • Some people find it quite itchy

2)    Lucky2Buy Women’s Sexy Backless Hollow Vest


The Lucky2Buy virgin killing sweater is ideal for petite ladies and girls. It has a bust size of between 90 and 92cm, and a height of 58 cm. But of course, these measurements are taken in a flat position and may not be the actual size. So allow for at least 2 cm difference.

Doutei wo korosu. Sounds familiar? This is the viral dress that got that phrase. Typically, it has a bikini bottom design, making you appear sexier and cuter.

It is a one-piece sweater. And, it captures attention more due to its backless design, i.e., an open back exposing boobs, both on your left and right side. Which man wouldn’t be fascinated with this?

What’s even exciting is that this one-piece sweater has hollow out bust. That makes the front part of this dress quite interesting to look at.


  • It’s a bit warm
  • You get in 8 color options
  • The bust opening makes it revealing enough to be enticing
  • The material feels nice and form-fitting
  • Comfortable on the body; not scratchy


  • Very light material; actually see through

3)    Unibaby Japan Style Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Vest Top

The Unibaby Japan Style Women’s Anime Sweater Vest Top, is undoubtedly a sexy top. The brand comes in two versions, i.e., a bust hollow out sweater, and the one without. Which one suits your guts?

The outfit is for XS – L sized laddie.  However, it fits well for those less than 110 pounds with an average 90 cm bust and 58 cm height.

It has a backless and sleeveless design, and it might show part of the butt, for more petite ladies. For ladies having an ample butt and bust, the sweater may not cover your butt entirely. That makes it ideal for your bedroom wear.

Remember, the backless design makes this sweater famous. The material is stretchable and high-quality. Again, it is a medium-range making best for all seasons.


  • Looks sexy on a person with the right size
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable


  • Not ideal for tall girls

4)    Sorrica Women’s Sexy Turtle-Neck Crochet Sweater Jumper

This is another turtle neck and backless sweater jumper. The sweater is sewn to precisely show off your curves and edges while exposing your back. The sleeveless design, further, makes your curves more charming.

What makes this virgin killing sweater unique is its different look from the rest of sweaters in similar categories. It features new sweater details making it a perfect casual outfit as well as daily wear.

Still, you can gift your loved one without fearing their opinion. It perfect for Anime Cosplay as well as sexy gift ideas. Simply put, it is decently romantic.

Note that it comes in different sizes; just choose the right one for you.


  • Comfortable wearing
  • Looks great
  • Affordable


  • The connection between the turtle neck and the body is weak

5)    Olens Japan Style Turtleneck Sleeveless Sweater

The Olens Turtleneck Sleeveless Sweater is standout for its quality material and sexy design. It is built of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. And to avoid buying fake products, the only authorized seller is Olens.

The sleeveless cutout and backless design make the sweater sexy. Besides, it outlines your charming curves precisely. You can wear the sweater as a top, mini dress, a T-shirt, lingerie, etc. whether you are going for a party, work, night out, or just need something casual to wear, the Olens turtle neck is your best bet.

Just ensure you order the right size.


  • It perfectly hugs your curves
  • Quality material
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Uneven stitching creating small holes

What is the typical cost?

There are different manufacturers and distributors of the sweater. So the price slightly varies. However, if you have between $16 and $25, you won’t miss a sexy and high-quality virgin killer sweater. You’ll be the center of attraction.

Bottom line

Virgin killer sweaters have been around for three years now. While they may not be the very best for outdoors, they’ll make look sexy. You can wear them alone or use them as tops, but you must get the right size.