Top 5 Umbrella Hats


Sometimes, it can be stressful to use an umbrella especially when you have to pick up groceries or use your hands for other things. This is where an umbrella hat comes in. these umbrellas are handsfree so they make it easier to handle other tasks concurrently. Some people think they look funny, but the important thing is that they protect you from the rain while freeing up your hands. How can you pick the best umbrella hats in the market? This guide will give you a clear idea of what to look out for as well as the best umbrella hats on the market.

What are Umbrella hats and how did they become popular?

Umbrella hats are innovative hats that serve as a head covering attached to a headband. It protects the head, neck, and face. Some people do not consider them as fashionable but they have some benefits.

For example, outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking or fishing can use them to get some protection against humidity, drizzling rain, and wind. It comes in handy because larger umbrellas can be difficult to handle.

They also offer portability and are lightweight compared to their umbrella cousins that have long and spiky points.

The umbrella hats are also child-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your child protected from rain and sunlight. On a rainy day, you can take it out instead of a bulky umbrella. It is also a lot easier to store in a bag. Kids can also wear it to school when it rains.

The products can be used by kids as they have different sizes. They are also built with elastic anti-tear material. It doesn’t matter how small or big your kids are, they can use it. the material is also reusable, durable, and environmentally friendly so bad odors would not be an issue.

Umbrella hats became popular in the 1880s when the umbrella man, Robert W. Patten filed a patent for the invention.

How to select Umbrella hats

If you make the decision to opt for umbrella hats rather than big, heavy umbrellas, there are a few things you need to consider first. Some include:

Check the different types

Before picking umbrella hats, you need to know that there are lots of products on the market and many of them are made to serve specific purposes. For example, some umbrella hats have a built-in vent so it can be breezy during hot days. Others are ideal for use in heavy rain and strong wind. Since there are so many types, you need to consider the purpose you need the product for. This would determine the best one for you.

Adjustable strap

After identifying the purpose of the umbrella hat, the next consideration is the adjustability. You need to find a product that is easy to wear and comes with adjustable straps. This strap makes it easy to handle.

Additional rain protection

If your umbrella hat is mainly for rainy days, then you need to search for one that has shoulder level discs. This protects the body from water while keeping the head completely covered.


Another consideration to make is the foldability of the umbrella hat. Find one that can be folded conveniently so it can be easy to carry and store.

Kid or adult sizing

The umbrella hats come in different sizes for kids and adults. You need to think about the end user before picking one.

Comparison of the Top 5 Umbrella hats

Funbrella Hats – Combo Party Pack 

This umbrella hat is suitable for adults and kids. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that fits your mood and attire. It expands to 21 inches when opened and has a plastic headband that makes it sit comfortably. It is a one size fits all hat as both adults and kids can use it. it is also suitable for sunny and rainy days.


  • Fits snugly on the head
  • Lightweight and suitable for different seasons
  • Stylish design that fits clothing
  • Affordable umbrella hat


  • Doesn’t extend to arms

Customer Reviews

This umbrella hat had good reviews from most customers. overall, many customers agree that it is comfortable to wear because of its plastic headband. Others were pleased that they could use it with their full hair. Some customers loved the versatility even though some complained that it was too tight.

12 Pack Rainbow Umbrella Hat Cap 


This umbrella hat is a good quality product which is 20 inches wide when opened. Its bright colors make it stand out. It is suitable for both sunny and rainy weather. It also allows airflow to freely move to the head of the wearer to keep him cool. It is suitable for both kids and adults as it has an elastic band that keeps the head of the wearer in place.


  • Affordable umbrella hat
  • Head band is solid and protects you from rain and sun
  • Sturdy build
  • Beautiful colors


  • Good for people with narrow heads

Customer Reviews

Most of the buyers loved the umbrella hat and many of them used its outdoor activities in the rain and sun. it served the purpose in both cases. Some customers commended the brilliant colors it comes in while others loved the comfortable sitting of the umbrella hat. There were some complaints about the head band size being more suitable for smaller heads.

Syhood 3 Pieces Rainbow 

This package comes with three umbrella hats of different colors and styles. You can find it in a rainbow, camouflage and dark blue color. The elastic headband makes it suitable for both kids and adults. It is also made with waterproof materials that protect you from rain and blocks UV rays.


  • It is quite affordable
  • Comes in three different styles and colors
  • Suitable for both adults and kids
  • Great for rain and sunlight


  • Head size is smaller

Customer Reviews

Many buyers loved this product because they served the purpose they were gotten for. Its snugly fit on the head was commended as well because it allowed the buyers to work in the garden without having to use their hands. However, some customers did complain that it should have been more elastic to fit an adult with a larger head.


Umbrella Hat (Pack of 2)

This umbrella hat is a pack of two for both kids and adults. The elastic band is adjustable to make it easier for the band to fit all head sizes. Aside from durability, this umbrella is lightweight so you can use it all day while working on your garden or playing golf in the sun. It is also quite colorful so you can take it out for a fun day at the beach.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Adjustable band to make it suitable for kids and adults
  • Comfortable headwear
  • Comes in bright colors


  • Only two in the pack

Customer Reviews

Buyers confirmed that this umbrella hat is really useful for days out in the sun or when it rains. One stated that it was a lot better than a baseball hat as it covers the shoulders and not just the eyes. Others loved the fact that it is very affordable and has great quality too.

Sansheng 26-inch Diameter Folded

This 26 inch diameter umbrella hat is larger than its counterparts above. It has eight metal bars with six plastic rod heads. This makes it easy to open and close as well as offers comfort to the wearer. It can be used as a sunshade and on rainy days as well. It also has an adjustable strap that can be modified to fit an adult or child’s head.


  • Wider than usual
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes in dark blue to fit different occasions
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Comes in only one color

Customer Reviews

Most of the buyers love the product for its affordability. Others commended the durability. Some loved it more because it offered more protection for users due to its wider base. The materials used in making it are also of high quality as some customers confirmed. There were no complaints about this product.


You can find the best umbrella hats for your needs on this list. Before doing so, read the buying guide to determine the purpose. This will go a long way to help you determine the best product for you. Hopefully, this guide would have given you all the resources you need to make an informed decision.