Top 5 Tac Glasses


If you usually spend time outdoors under intense sunlight, then you have to use Tac glasses. While these glasses serve to protect the eyes against damage, these add on to your style also. Such glasses can be used to view objects from a certain location. Since these boast a sturdy design, they don’t wear off due to adverse climatic conditions. So, as you buy fashion accessories for the summer season, you shouldn’t forget buying these glasses.

What are Tac Glasses?

Tac Glasses are synonymous with sunglasses that army officers wear during the day. Since these are based on light-filtering technology, these protect the eyes against UV rays. Besides, these help you view objects with better clarity and with the precise color contrast. For instance, if you are standing next to a lake, shimmering under the sun, then the glasses would enable you to view everything just beneath the lake’s surface. Moreover, these glasses can be useful when you’re driving a vehicle at night. By wearing the Tac glasses, you can prevent the glare from distracting you and make it possible to view things with better focus. This ultimately mitigates the chances of meeting with an accident especially when there are many turns along the route.

Do Tac Glasses really work?

Tac glasses claim to augment color perception and enhance optical clarity. But, if you come across any commercials regarding the glasses, then it really doesn’t dive into the details of the accessory. You still may not seek answers to the questions popping up in your mind. With a standard design just like any other pair of sunglasses, Tac glasses are exactly similar to military sunglasses. You may be compelled to buy the glasses due to the features. But, when you start wearing the glasses at night, you may have to take some more effort to view what lies ahead.

Examples of Tac Glasses Commercials

If you wish to be fashionable and impress people around you, then you can always think about Tac glasses. There are many commercials that nudge people to decide.

You would come across an advertisement stating that these glasses would surely enhance visibility at night. The eminent personality may just speak to convince people that it’s pointless to use the sunglasses they have been wearing. A couple of buzzwords can just instil assurance and lure individuals to buy the fashion accessory.

There’s another TV commercial in which the eminent personality states that you can wear the glasses comfortably. You simply need to flip the sunglasses and view distant objects. Way ahead, if someone is driving a vehicle, then he could control the steering wheel with one hand and flip the glasses with the other hand.

The individual also captures attention through the demonstration of light-filtering technology. As soon as anybody wears the sunglasses, he can view a magnified image of an eagle that is hidden behind a flat TV screen. Well, the point that the advertisement tends to highlight is that the person can see objects with a sharp focus.

Where to buy Tac Glasses?

To purchase Tac glasses, you can visit an online store or an online marketplace that showcases such fashion accessories. While some online stores may offer an extra pair of glasses at a great discount, others may catch the attention through a free shipping option. This means that once the person plans to buy the glasses, he wouldn’t be charged for the delivery.

What is the Technology behind Tac Glasses?

The overall design of the Tac glasses is sure to boost the strength of the entire framework. These glasses are actually based on light-filtering technology. Let’s say, you’re viewing a TV screen with your own eyes. Initially, you may not see anything visible across the entire screen. But, as soon as you wear the glasses, you would be able to see an image behind the flat surface. This means that the glasses actually filter out a set of light rays and enables the person to view a close-up of an eagle.

Which is the best Tac Glasses for you (Buying Guide)?

  • When you plan to purchase Tac glasses, you may not be sure about the quality. But, if you buy the glasses online from an authentic website, then it wouldn’t really be a problem.
  • As you visit an online store, you may not find a collection from which you could choose from. This is something that could disappoint you when functionality is considered to be important. In the end, every pair would appear similar with respect to the shape and the color of the lens.
  • Once you browse through a variety of glasses, you wouldn’t find a difference between the sizes. In fact, you wouldn’t seek a pair which can be customized according to your preferences. But, if you’re not really bothered about the overall design and aesthetics, then you mustn’t hesitate to select the glasses.
  • Before you purchase something, you could check out for a ‘clip-on’ variety. This would enable you to wear the glasses atop the eyeglasses you had been wearing for a long time.

Tac Glasses Customer reviews

Despite the claims made by the manufacturers, most of the buyers observed that the entire structure of the glasses was very much different. Apart from everything else, these glasses were able to enhance the style for the users. One of the buyers was happy with the role of the glasses. These Tac glasses were capable of preventing glare and blocking enough light. Many users also stated that the glasses were able to improve clarity and enhance color perception.

Now, when the overall design is concerned, the buyers were disappointed once the Tac glasses were delivered at their location. Since the pair of glasses didn’t rest well on their nose, they really found the glasses uncomfortable to wear for a long time span. Furthermore, the Tac glasses were not worth the price because it had a fragile structure and the frame was rough at certain areas. Another buyer thought about considering some other pair because the lens had rough edges in certain areas. In fact, the user observed that the quality was far beyond their expectations. There was hardly any difference between the Tac glasses and the military-inspired sunglasses. The buyers concluded that such kinds of glasses were available online either for the same price or at a relatively lesser price.

Comparison of the Top 5 Tac Glasses

1. Bell Howell Tac Glasses with Nightvision

Tac glasses


The Tac glasses presented by Bell and Howell are sure to appear stylish owing to the plastic frame. While the glasses have the potential to protect the eyes against Ultraviolet rays, these reduce the risk of impacting the vision. As these are available in just one size, these can be worn by both, men and women. With the frame curved backward and sideways, these glasses are one of the best fashion accessories you could wear for outdoor activities.


  • Supports blocking of UV rays
  • Easier to clean due to plastic frame
  • Reduces glare to a great extent


  • The glasses are not suitable to be worn atop normal eyeglasses

2. Bell and Howell TAC FLIP UP Polarized Sun Glasses

tac glasses

Ideal for recreational activities, these Tac sunglasses enhance clarity and protect eyes from harmful sunlight. The glasses are known to be versatile because you can lift or drop the flip depending on the ambient sunlight. Moreover, these can be considered among multi-functional fashion accessories because you can wear them on top of your usual eyeglasses. While the lenses boast a gradient material, the lenses are rectangular in shape with a width measuring 2.5 inches.


  • Lenses are curved slightly for protecting the eyes.
  • Glasses retain visual clarity even when they are worn atop usual glasses.
  • Glasses can be worn by men and women
  • Sunglasses are easier to clean due to the plastic frame material


  • Glasses are fragile and may get damaged easily

3. The Night Driving Glasses – Anti-Glare – HD Night Vision

tac glasses

These night driving glasses are sure to offer comfort even when you wear them throughout the day. Moreover, the glasses are capable of reducing the glare and eventually minimize the risk of accidents with vehicles coming from the front end. Maximum eye protection is something you can expect due to 66 mm lens width and 36 mm lens height. Due to the metallic frame, these glasses don’t get damaged very easily.


  • Polarized lenses for protecting the eyes
  • Lightweight and sturdy due to the metallic frame
  • Compact and durable design
  • Has adjustable and soft nose pads


  • Owing to the small size, the glasses may not be ideal for everyone

4. Polarized TAC Lens Sunglasses Swiss

tac glasses

With the objective of protecting the eyes against harmful radiations, these TC lens sunglasses are suitable for any kind of outdoor activity. Since the frame is made of TR90 material, the sunglasses are known to be durable. Once you start using the glasses, you can expect optimum comfort due to a 20 mm clearance at the bridge. When you shop online, you can choose from a range of sunglasses in different color shades. Since the glasses weigh as much as 24g, you can easily carry it in your handbag when you are on a long trip.


  • Designed for eye protection and anti-glare
  • Glasses are compact and light in weight
  • Reduces eye fatigue and enhances vision


  • Coating on the lenses may fade away due to sun rays

5. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving


tac glasses

Based on RIVBOS lens technology, these sports sunglasses can be worn when you’re on a trek or busy playing an outdoor game. Since the sunglasses are made from high-grade TR 90 material, these are quite durable. Moreover, 100% protection is offered to the eyes owing to the mirror coating lenses. Once you go through the collection online, you can choose sunglasses with different colored lenses. Ultimately, you would be showing off style and portraying a casual outlook in the best way.


  • Glasses can be cleaned with ease using a piece of cloth
  • Glasses are comfortable to wear due to the wraparound design
  • Glasses with different lenses serve different functions


  • Since the frame is made of plastic, it can easily break.


When you’re shopping online, you should get lured by the TV commercials. Rather, you could get in touch with your friends or those who have already been using a particular kind of sunglasses. Going through the customer reviews would also help you make a better decision. But, no matter what you purchase, you should never forget to check the size and dimensions of the sunglasses. The weight of the glasses also matters most just in case you prefer carrying the glasses all the time.