Top 5 Socofy Shoes Review


If you are a stylish shopper, you must have come across Socofy shoes. Their brilliant colors and unique designs make them stand out. Since they came into the limelight, they have become mainstream. They are worn on skirts, trousers, and even gowns. Socofy shoes come in boots and shoes as well as slip-on so you can always find something you love.

There are a lot of Socofy shoes online with different designs so choosing one can be a bit confusing. This product guide and review will highlight factors to consider before buying as well as styling tips for your Socofy shoes.

What are Socofy shoes?

Socofy is a colorful and popular leather shoe brand. This New Chic brand has taken the market by a storm by producing comfortable and fashionable shoes. The word “socofy” is coined from “so comfortable and fashion.”

What are Socofy shoes made of?

These shoes are made from pure leather and it is very obvious when you look at them. With this type of shoes, you can expect a blend of fashion and high quality. Aside from the obvious high-quality feature of Socofy shoes, it also offers comfort to women’s delicate feet. The main idea behind the brand is to liberate the feet of women from harsh shoes to something a lot moderate and comfortable.

Presently, the shoes are only made for ladies. One other factor that makes them stand out is the unique coloration on the designs. The colors are lively and it makes it blend in with all kinds of dresses. The brand has used the handmaking process used by Chinese manufacturers for more than a thousand years. This certifies its quality as every single shoe is made to pass a strict creation process. The best skills and advanced craftsmanship are put to use in making Socofy shoes.

How to select Scoofy shoes (Buying guide)

Before buying socofy shoes online, there are a few factors to consider as well as steps to take. This will help you to pick one that suits your taste and needs. Some tips for buying include:

1. Check your feet size in the morning and evening

Lots of people make the mistake of using the known shoe size rather than measuring their feet afresh. Aside from the fact that shop sizing may differ, you also need to consider the fact that your shoe size changes each day. The feet expands all through the day and sometimes, it could even swell larger when the weather is hotter than usual. This means that if you get a shoe without measuring the size later in the day, you will get socofy shoes that fit perfectly in the morning and become tight later in the day.

To prevent this from happening, ensure that you measure your feet in the morning and later in the day to pick a size that works for both sizes.

2. Be sure to measure both your feet

Another point to note is that most feet are not the same size. It is very possible to have a larger foot and this is why it is necessary to measure every inch of both feet. If you buy a smaller size that fits one foot, you may have issues with the second one. Your Socofy shoes should fit comfortably so ensure that you measure both feet each time you plan to get a new pair.

3. Walk with the shoes

If you are not buying socofy shoes online, then this is a crucial step to take. You need to know if they fit comfortably by walking around with them. When you pick the one you like in the store, be sure to walk around with the shoes. Are they pinching your toes? Are they snugly fitted to your feet? Are they slipping off? Those are some questions to ask yourself before picking one.

Comparison of the Top 5 Scoofy shoes

1. Socofy Wedges Sandals, Women’s Flower Vintage 

This leather shoe comes with a rubber sole for comfort. Its heels are 0.98 inches. The rubber sole also makes it durable when used in different terrains. The shoes are handmade and have an anti-skid function that makes it comfortable for hiking and walking. The best feature of this shoe is the chic design. The manufacturing process combines printing and handmade splicing to give you a bright and colorful design.


  • Offers comfort for long walks and hikes
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Can be used in different seasons


  • Sizes are larger than usual so it requires measurement

Customer review

A customer loved the comfort of the shoes but she noted that the size runs a bit larger. Another customer said the shoe was a perfect fit and she loved the bright colors.


2. Socofy Loafer Flats Leather Loafers


This slip-on socofy shoe offers comfort and is made from leather with rubber soles. This gives the wearer comfort even if it is worn for long. Its heel is 0.7 inches and it has a round toe. It comes in seven sizes suitable for wide feet.


  • The leather is buttery and soft
  • The materials are durable
  • Great fit and vibrant colors
  • The fitting is true to size


  • Strong chemical smell

Customer reviews

Many customers like the fitting of the shoe. They say it is comfortable enough and socks can be used for colder weather. Another one liked the soft feel like slippers and commended its durability.


3. Socofy Ankle Leather Boots

This socofy boot comes with a stylish square heel that allows the wearer to stand or walk for long without feeling discomfort. The design is user-friendly and it made with leather and rubber heels. This makes it soft and warm so you may not need to use socks. It is also strap hand-woven with a variety of colors.


  • The quality of the boot is superb
  • Comes in so many fun and lively colors
  • Offers arch support for the wearer
  • It is true to size so you can order your shoe size after measuring


  • Narrow feet may be uncomfortable for people with wide feet

Customer reviews

Most reviews on this socofy boot were positive. The customers who bought them stated that they look a lot better than the pictures. Most customers commended the comfort of the shoes and their stylish design. Others loved the attitude of the boots and their uniqueness.


4. Socofy Leather Ankle Vintage Handmade 


These leather boots are also made with rubber soles for optimum comfort. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is suitable for all season, all year round. When it comes to comfort, this socofy boot has a lot to offer. It can be worn for long periods without making the feet tired.


  • Made with soft leather for optimum comfort
  • Comes in vibrant colors and designs
  • Lightweight rubber soles also provide comfort
  • Shoes are really affordable


  • They are a bit longer at the foot


5. UIN Blossom Women’s Fashion Tribe Art Sneaker Painted Canvas Slip-On Ladies Travel Shoes

The insole of the shoe has a bionic design to ensure that it fits your feet snuggly. The lightweight design also makes it stand out when it comes to the comfort of the wearer. Made from environmentally friendly materials, this shoe is built with an elastic band that makes it easier to take it off and slip it on. It is made to be rugged and this makes it even more durable.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Uniquely designed to match any outfit
  • Slip resistant to offer traction while walking
  • Can be taken off and on with ease


  • Costlier than some in the lineup

Customer reviews

Most of the customers loved the shoe for its slip on ease. While others complained of a strong chemical smell, they stated that it disappeared after a few days. A customer said the sole was flexible yet sturdy so it can be used on all terrains. Other confirmed the durability of the shoes as well.


Socofy shoes have recently come into the scene and have since been making a name for itself as the years pass. This review has highlighted the top 5 Socofy shoes on the market. Before choosing one, consider your personal style. Some people prefer boots to shoes, so they can find shoes for that purpose. One thing all the shoes have in common is comfort so you don’t need to worry about that department.

If you choose to get your own pair, don’t forget to follow the tips stated above. Measure your feet twice a day and try them out if you are not buying from an online store. If you follow these steps, you will not have issues finding the best pair of Socofy shoes for you.