Top 5 Radiator Pressure Testing Kits


An efficient cooling system reduces the chances of a car breaking down. With the right radiator pressure testing kits, you can easily monitor the level of pressure in the radiator.

Cooling failure detrimental to a car’s engine.  It causes problems ranging from annoying to those that might damage your engine. A mechanic is a right person to pressure check your car’s cooling system – no doubt about it.

But you can save your money doing it yourself. You just need a high-quality radiator pressure tester.

And that is why in this review, we review the top-rated radiator pressure tester. We aim to make it easy for you to make a better decision in case you need to buy it.

Our search showed us that Astro Pneumatic Tool 78585 Universal Radiator Pressure Tester & Vacuum Type Cooling System Kit is the most encompassing kit as it is compatible with the most vehicle.

But, first things first.

What are Radiator Pressure testing kits?

Automotive overheating can occur at any time. A cooling system leak, broken water pump, faulty radiator fan, or clogged coolant hose can cause overheating.

However, a radiator pressure testing kit will help to accurately and effectively determine the causes of such overheating. It pinpoints the exact cause of external leaks, which most often are as a result of loose clamps and connectors, leaky hoses, radiators, or water pumps.

The kit simply allows you to pressurize the cooling system of your car. You can do the pressure check any time you suspect a leak or immediately after a cooling system flush.

The radiator pressure tester attaches typically to the point where the radiator cap attaches. Then pump by hand until the pressure reading on the gauge matches the pressure written on the radiator cap. This should be between 13 – 16 psi for modern cars.

Allow the vehicle to stay in such a state for about 30 minutes before inspecting the entire cooling system, specifically looking for leaks. But you also keep an eye on the pressure gauge of the tester for any changes in pressure. A lower value is an indication of a probable leak.

Most radiator pressure testers and cooling systems are universal kits, and they mostly comprise of a testing pump and hose, a testing gauge (0 – 35 psi), a universal adapter a coupler that includes a pressure release, cap test adapters, and a temperature gauge. But accessories vary, so check out before purchasing.

Comparison of the Radiator Pressure testing kits

Astro Pneumatic Tool  Radiator Pressure 

Astro is a big brand, and model 78585 doesn’t disappoint. It has universal compatibility because its vacuum purge and the refill tool connection has a unique design that makes it fit for most classic and modern vehicles. 

The case is blow-molded and is sturdy enough to keep everything together precisely. Additionally, its parts are color-coded so that you can easily and quickly find the specific parts you need.

Remember, this pressure tester also allows you to fill, evacuate as well as purge systems. It lets you pressurize systems so that you can check out for worn out hoses as well as monitor pressure level drops.

What customers say

Over 80 % of buyers on amazon pour praises on this radiator pressure testing kit. The kit is amazingly easy to use and is compatible with many cars, but not all. For instance, one customer bought this kit for General Motors vehicles and found that the package doesn’t include the parts for the 2000-2005 series radiator overflow. That means there is a need to buy a few extra adapters.

Otherwise, it is a fairly complete tool whose functioning is above average.


  • Extensive kit
  • Highly functional blow molded case


  • More pricey

Goplus 18pcs Universal Radiator Pressure Tester

Goplus stands up to its tasks. The kit features 18 pieces, which means a broader application. Apart from the 8 adapters suitable for a test range of between 0 and 35 psi, it also has 3 radiator caps.

These radiator caps are specially designed for checking the integrity of the radiator as well as individual elements of the cooling system. With such a unique design and components, it fits nearly all types of radiator openings.

Additionally, it is has a sturdy construction, thanks to the clever blend of high-quality plastic, rubber, and aluminum, which provide not only high strength but also good toughness and increased stability for longer life.

Because it comes with a storage case, it is easy to carry it around. Mark you, it is exceptionally lightweight. So no carrying hassle.

What customers say

The Goplus 18pcs Universal Radiator Pressure Tester is a cheaper option in the market, and most reviews liked this aspect. Additionally, the kit has numerous radiator caps, which made it compatible with multiple car brands from America, Germany, Italy, Japan, and France. And, the design is likable.

However, it won’t work for all vehicles. And to some customers, it looked and felt cheap!


  • Affordable compared to others
  • Multiple cap adapters for universal compatibility
  • Durable construction


  • Seems a little bit inaccurate
  • Standard adapter for vehicles not included

Mityvac MV4560 Pressure Test Kit

If you need a simple, economical, but accurate way to locate common causes of overheating in a vehicle, then go with the Mityvac MV4560 pressure test kit.

The kit can effectively pinpoint leakages occurring as a result of leaky hose pipes, loose clamps, connector’s radiators, or water pumps. You can’t go wrong with the Mityvac MV4560 kit when it comes to diagnosing internal leaks caused by damaged, blocked, or blown head gaskets or head.

Similarly, it effectively tests the radiator and coolant bottle caps to ensure they maintain the correct pressure.

It has plenty of kits, so compatibility issues should be less of your worries.

This video might interest you.

What customers say

The tool kit is quite decent, thanks to the finger lever-action release that allows for quick pressure release. The pressure kit is all plastic, but with a very intuitive design. Easy setup, easy to use. That makes it functional but probably won’t hold up for a busy garage. General, it is worth investing in.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Economical system
  • Can be used on the majority of standard cars


  • If you don’t tighten the vinyl tube connection to the rad cap adapter firmly, it will leak

Stant 30 Pound Cooling System 

12270 comes with its case so that you can put all components in one place. Modern vehicles have a high-pressure cooling system, and the Stant 12270 is designed to meet such pressure demands.

What’s unique about Stant 12270 kit is that it features a pressure release bar that you can use to release pressure built up prior to removing the head from the neck.

Stant 12270 is easy to use because of the excellent arrangement of the dials. The dials are also color cored. Thus, you can quickly identify the one to use when you need; a feature that guarantees you accuracy while testing higher pressure caps and systems.

The kit comprises of a set of 1- 12559 spacer for dropping in 1-inch deep filler necks for testing, 1- a 12552-cap adaptor for checking standard “A” size caps, and an easy to use instruction manual.

Before purchase, check to ascertain that the kit is compatible with your vehicle. Otherwise may need to buy additional adapters.

What customers say

Stant 12270 pump has a slight heavy-duty feel, and it could go to 26 psi. However, the kit will allow you to dial up the pressure amount you want. You might require an adapter to connect to the radiators of the caps, but this depends on the model of your car.

The built quality seems cheap. Some customers had no luck – they received defective products, but customer care was quick to resolve. In general, it is an excellent product.


  • The instruction manual is detailed enough even for first-timers
  • Comes ready to use
  • Easy to release pressure as needed


  • You may require to purchase another additional adapter

8MILELAKE 18pcs Radiator Pump Pressure Tester 

If you are a professional mechanic or you run a professional workshop, you should consider buying the 8MILELAKE radiator pump pressure tester. The kit is functional and is handy in places where you continuously need to check the car’s cooling system.

The air compressors nozzle lets you rate the right pressure quickly. The kit works well for radiators of most cars. It’s accurate in testing pressure levels on radiators to determine if there are leakages.

The 8MILELAKE is easy to use; it’s a simple hand pump whose gauge is graduated with BAR and PS. This allows simple, quick, and easy controlled pressurization through a quick coupling system.

Additionally, it packs 33 color-coded adaptors, which allow direct connection to the radiator or expansion tank.

Check this video.

What customers say

According to buyers from America, this kit isn’t compatible with standard American vehicles. However, for the majority whose cars were compatible with the adapters report being able to spot leaks within a short time.


  • Compatible with General motors brands
  • Multiple numbers of adapters for universal compatibility
  • Quality and price match


  • Not compatible with most USA standard vehicles
  • Some adapters have similar colors which may be quite challenging to distinguish them

Bottom line

An engine makes the car move. However, the radiator keeps the engine moving smoothly. If the engine heats up, your car won’t run for long, and it may damage your engine.

It’s the cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating.

With the right radiator pump pressure kits, you can quickly identify the source of problems in your cooling system. So you can quickly fix it. Keep in mind these pressure tester kits work accurately. We have reviewed kits. If you own a car or a garage, do not hesitate to pick among these and save yourself from hassles.