Top 5 Nut Buttons


Nut buttons will make you laugh or piss of that annoying friend. There is a collection of these devices on Amazon, and you can get one at an affordable price. These toys will generate a sound to express your feelings at the moment. Your reaction – laughter.

What are Nut buttons?

Nut buttons are toys which when you press the top button, they produce a peculiar sound. The intent of the sound to elicit a burst of laughter. You can use these buttons under different conditions. It just depends on how you plan to use it.

Remember, nut buttons started as a bad joke. The word nut is an American slung that has been used in bad jokes for a long. However, someone conceived an idea of creating a toy to make people laugh. The toy has a blue button, with the word nut written across.

What is the Meme story behind the Nut Button?

The mind of modern-day young adults is highly creative. That is why there is something always to make people laugh online. And memes make the primary way to spread it, thanks to the internet. The best example of classic humour is the nut button.

Currently, a meme is simply a structure for a joke on the internet that you can change to fit a particular context. A nut button meme is extremely flexible as it features two modifiable parts. The caption above is set up more like twitter. The distribution is via Instagram, while text-based memes are via Tumblr.

The original caption was – when you are hitting it from behind, and she moans X. X stands for any phrase depicting a feeling, and an image of a hand shown to be moving quickly towards a blue button with the word NUT in white.

Nut is a slang meaning ejaculation but mostly used as a reaction to something positive or desirable. Currently, people use something negative ironically or change the word on the button to mean something else.

Modern nut buttons are attributed to Tumblr user for his post “who up”. On December 6th 2015, he replied to his post with an image of a hand hitting a blue button with the word LIKE.

Another Tumblr on January 2016 developed another meme but with NUT as the word on the blue button. Then the trend to search for nut buttons spiked.

By 2017 nut button was the most recognizable meme on the internet, among young adult with a particular sense of humour.

Harari wanted to buy a real meme, but he couldn’t find one. With his friend James Reina, they conceived the idea to sell the buttons. Here is their story.

At first, the sales were slow, but a video of Jack Russell playing with their nut button went viral on Instagram, which made them sell over 100 nut buttons a day at $11.99. Currently, each button costs $14.99.

The nut button is successful majorly due to their relatability and flexibility.

Which is the best Nut Button for you?

With the following guidelines, you should be able to find the best nut buttons:

  • Material: material determines durability. All nut buttons are made of plastic. Therefore, the quality of plastic matters. Excellent material lets you use the toy for long. Otherwise, it will deteriorate within a short time. Typically, handmade toys are of good quality because they are made of durable material.
  • Price: nut buttons aren’t expensive considering they have a plastic construction. It is important, though to compare prices before making a purchase.
  • Quality of the sound: the sounds are, undoubtedly funny. They produce a robotic sound to enhance the fun. But you need to consider sound clarity. This will ensure that you understand what the toy is saying.
  • The number of sounds: the number of sounds these buttons generate vary. Some can produce a single sound, while others have variable sound effects. Again, others can utter more than one phrase. Multiple sound effects and phrases will, without a doubt, make it easy for you to handle every situation in a funny way.
  • Size and shape: the standard size is a perfect fit in your palm. Some though, maybe a little bigger or smaller.

What are the different types of Nut Button?

Nut buttons vary depending on the sound they generate. While some may produce NUT sound, others make different sound effects. For instance, you can get Blah Blah Blah, Bulshit, Yeet, etc.

You can choose a nut button based on the sound effect it produces.

What is Nut Button Soundboard?

Nut button soundboard houses multiple sound effects which you can listen to by merely pressing nut buttons. The platform has high-quality sound effects and functional soundboard mobile apps. To build your soundboard, you need to create an account. It is safe, secure, and membership is free.

Comparison of the Top 5 Nut Buttons on Amazon

The Nut Button Toy – When Memes Become Reality


The nut button is the official button offering the essential features. You buy it already assembled. Remember, it uses batteries, which the manufacturer provides.  So just have to nut it right away.

It has an amiable design, which allows you to use from both the front and the backside. Further, it is hand made, and of quality matter how many times you nut it, it will still make you smile without deteriorating in quality.


  • Comes with batteries
  • Solid built
  • Hilarious sounding


  • No customer has complained

The Official BS Button

The Official BS Button – simply straight talking. BS (Bullshit) button is straight-talking. When you press its conspicuous red button, which when you press it will light up, give a loud buzz and announce. Just take note that it a screaming siren.

Set off the BS siren when someone pisses you off. “BS detected”. That is what they get!

Trust me, they won’t repeat it, but they’ll laugh their lungs out.


  • Flashing light and siren makes it look realistic
  • Loud enough
  • Utters different kinds of phrases


  • You can’t filter lame jokes

The Bruh Button Toy – A Bruh Button Meme

The Bruh Button Toy is suitable for both adults and children. The product makes a timeless gift, considering it is handmade to deliver the funniest memes ever every day.

It is small, with beautiful colour schemes – blue and grey colour scheme followed by the gray button meme. It will look great on any table. And since it is highly portable, you can carry it anywhere you go.


  • Looks sleek
  • Solidly built
  • Medium to loud
  • The included batteries start you right away from the box


  • The button takes some effort to push

THE YEET BUTTON Toy – A Yeet Button Meme

This another item that will take your day shorter and full of smiles. This Yeet button toy is uniquely made to appeal aesthetically. Further, it comes with batteries; so you can use it directly from the box.

Press the button to listen to hilarious phrases. The best news is, you can use the toy in every situation. The jokes are real.


  • Battery included
  • Original and official
  • You can use it in all situations
  • Solid construction
  • Sounds, “YEET.”


  • You can’t hear the Yeet clearly
  • Has one voice

Blah Button – Talking Button Features 12 Blah Sayings

You’ll love the unique look of this talking toy. Apart from the blue and yellow cloud design, the gadget has a solid construction form and is built of durable material. Such features ensure that it is durable – will make you laugh for long.

The most amazing part, however, is that the toy can play up to 12 phrases. The phrases come in different tones. Just press the Blah, Blah, Blah button, and you’ll laugh out your stress, whether at home or office.


  • 12 hilarious ways to listen to phrases
  • Durable
  • Unique look
  • Battery operated


  • It can be annoying
  • The operating system is quite annoying

The blah button is operated with batteries which can be found from its arrival. That means you will be able to use the toy from the beginning. The blah, blah sound of the device is an ideal gift for your friends. You will get relief of different awkward situations at your office or home. You can enjoy some live memes with the help of this device.

Nut Button Customer reviews

Nut buttons are a better way to relieve stress. They’ll make you laugh even when you don’t intend to laugh. Most buyers buy these items either to gift friends or their personal use. In either case, these products have worked well.

Nonetheless, it is ort noting that these toys vary in the way they work. That is why each of the toys has a different rating from customers. What’s impressive, though, is that all of them have a higher rating. That means they work as advertised.

For instance, the Blah Button is one of the hilarious toys, offering incredible 12 different tones. Almost all buyers loved the look, material and the sounds. One buyer bought it to use in caase a conversation is annoying. This also applies to the Official BS Button.

Some toys, unfortunately, have a single tone for its hilarious phrases while others have a single tone for is single phrase. This is annoying. And most customers feel cheated. Nonetheless, the toys can give that sound that will make people light especially if they were not expecting.

Due to small size, impressive designs and beautiful colours, most customers could use them almost anywhere. In the offices, on student desks, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., you get a hilarious phrase with just pressing a button.

Bottom Line

If you want to laugh, criticize or dismiss, the best way is to use a nut button. These small toys will leave with much happiness than you had before. Try some of our best selections.