Top 5 Nerf Sniper Rifles


Shoot-your-friend types of games are gaining popularity, thanks to Nerf sniper rifles. They are powerful dart blasters that give you an edge over other shooters in a playful war.

How much does a Nerf sniper rifle cost?

The prices of Nerf sniper rifles vary greatly. Taking a critical look at market places, you will notice that some Nerf rifle cost less than $50 while others go way above $100. For instance, the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K with some advanced features comes at a discounted price of $125 while Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 retails at $160. On the other hand, Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Squad Clear Shot Blaster is a cheaper option costing only $48.

How Do You Make A Nerf Sniper Rifle?

Step One – Gather Materials

The materials determine how you want your gun to function. They include:

  • 3/4′ electronic sprinkler valve
  • 1/2′ pipe – barrel
  • 1′ pipe – manifold
  • 3′ pipe – tanks
  • Two metal ball valves
  • 3 1′ T-connectors
  • 3 1′ male adaptors
  • 1′ slip cap
  • 1′ female threaded cap
  • 1′-3/4′ male adaptor
  • 3/4′ male adaptor
  • 3/4-1/2 bushing
  • 1/2 female and male adaptor
  • 2 1/2 couplings
  • Two garden hose rubber washer
  • One threaded car valve

Step Two – Constructing Manifolds

Drill and tap the 1′ slip cap. Wrap Teflon around the valve, and screw using a wrench.

Connect all the 1’t’s to the 1′ pipe, but leave enough space between them to fit the tanks. Then glue the 1′ male adaptors on top of the t’s.

Glue the 1′ to 3/4 threaded adaptor on the front of the manifold, and then glue on your slip cap with the pressure valve on it, at the end.

Step Three – Constructing Tanks

Decide on the length of your tank. Cap on one side and you can get it from 3′ to 1′ using any combination of bushings and reducers. Then screw/glue on your ball valves. You can also use PVC ones. If ball valves are threaded, you won’t use glue while attaching the female adaptor to the manifold.

Step Four – Barrel Construction

Glue the 3/4′ male adaptor to the 3/4 to 1/2 bushing. It’ll screw into the sprinkler valves

Glue a 1/2 male adaptor to the barrel. It screws into the assembly initially created.

Then duct tape together the two 1/2 couplings and drill them out to fit comfortably over the barrel.

Create a gap at the bottom using a drill. This gap is the channel to load your darts. It should be large enough to avoid using a ramrod. To prevent air from getting in, place two hose rubber thingers on either side.

Use the coupling to slide over the gap while shooting.


Screw the all components together. Keep the top clear for you to have an unblocked view down your barrel.

You can make an electric switch using a few nine-volt batteries and a light switch. Again, you can make your darts, if you find the standard one to be heavy. Just use 1/2 foam backer rod.

Nerf Sniper Rifle Customer Reviews

If you want to try your sharpshooting skills, these toy rifles will help you shoot from a distance. But notice that these toy guns vary in structure, size and shooting distance. Most buyers are parents who want to spoil their kids with the latest device.

They aren’t magical devices.

What makes one gun better than the other is its ammunition capacity, type of ammunition and the age range of users. Keep in mind that some sniper toy riffles are considerably heavy and long. So kids below certain ages might not be comfortable carrying them.

Most Nerf toy guns are for children aged 6 and above. At such age, kids can operate. However, some parents reported that some toy rifles were too heavy for children under eight year. Other parents had a contrary opinion.

It can be a bit hectic for the first time users. But with a little exercise and training, children get used to these machines. Children are curious, and some of them ended up teaching their parents how to operate these toy riffle.

Some kids (through parents) reported great telescopic sights, easy reloadability and excellent fire range. Such a right balance of features guarantees a compelling gaming experience.

It is worth noting that these rifles can jam or they may not shoot straight. The major causing of jamming is trying to shoot too many of them at a time. These are mechanical devices (though plastic), and if you force them beyond their ability, they won’t stand.

Comparison of the Best 5 Nerf Sniper Rifles

NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster

N-Strike Elite Sonic is your choice if you are looking for soothing to give you a near real sniper experience. And, it’s particularly suitable for firing MEGA darts for bigger battles. At 1/.65 pounds, these sniper rifles are light enough for kids to enjoy the play.

Its shooting strength is higher; thus, it shoots farther than its counterparts. What’s impressive is that the Mega Whistler Darts will scream as they fly. Undoubtedly, this will excites kids.

Remember, this toy riffle comes with great accessories to complement its reputation. Notably, the removable bipod stands and mega dart clip. The bipod stand allows you to load your toy riffle properly, and it gives you more excellent stability while shooting, especially at long range.

The darts are bigger, and this is what creates a feeling of the real battlefield.


  • Longer shooting range; up to 100 feet
  • Has a long barrel
  • The whistling sound of flying darts is exciting
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Higher loading capacity, i.e., regular darts, with six mega darts
  • The unique bipod stand offers stability and precision


  • The whistling sound make it not ideal if you want to ambush

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

The Nerf Modulus ECS-10 offers numerous customization options as well as add-ons. Typical, it is considered a wholesome arsenal in one blaster.  It is fully motorized and offers you up to 30 different combinations with its basic kits.

Still, it allows for additional four expansion packs, which increases the possibility the 30 blaster combinations to about 1,000 different blaster combinations. Its flexibility is incredible. You’ll love its targeting scope, dual-rail barrel and drop grip.

It is the removable parts that make it customizable. It has a 10-dart banana clip, which you lad up for play.

The Nerf Modulus ECS-10 has a white casing with green or orange lines on the housing to make it not only nice looking but also to confer a mechanical feel.


  • 30 different combinations
  • Motorized
  • Sleek look
  • Affordable
  • Well built


  • Prone to inconsistency firing distance
  • Bulky due to more attachments

NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster — 25 Ultra Darts — Farthest Flying Darts Ever — Compatible Only Ultra One Darts

Ultra One is one of the newest brands that features proprietary ammo. This makes it outperforms other Nerf dart blasters. On the other, what’s even more exciting is that it is an inexpensive option. But note that it is an excellent option if you are looking for casual use only.

Its advanced design gives it some degree of accuracy, speed and extreme distance. It fires up to 120 feet.

When you purchase, you get the blaster, the drum (which is in 3 pieces), 25 darts and instruction manual. But, to operate the rifle, you’ll need 4 “C” batteries. You’ll place the batteries in a yellow tray at the bottom of the blaster. The Nerf is well balanced, and its plastic built is sufficiently thick for durability. Unlike other blasters, it features a gold colour scheme.

The dart construction is unique, though they have a roughly similar diameter to the old school Mega darts. Though they are shorter than current elite darts. Their fins are moulded, and they have a small, rearward protrusion.

Loading darts in the cylinder is easy, as it freely rotates. Before firing, ensure that the jam doo is down. You’ll notice that Ultra One blasters are faster as it can fire two darts err second.


  • Long range of firing
  • More accurate
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Looks awesome
  • Lightweight


  • Battery drains quickly
  • The ammo is expensive

Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster — Fully Motorized, 50-Dart Drum, 50 Official Elite Darts, Spinning Barrel — For Kids, Teens, Adults, Convenient

The Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 remains a delightfully idea for both kids and adults who need something robust. At over 3 feet long, the toy gun is massive. Similarly, it features a gigantic dart drum – accommodates 50 darts and is around 16 inches wide.

The rifle weighs 2.2 pounds. It is easy to carry it thanks to the two conveniently placed carry straps. Kids have a shoulder strap, to make it even easier, especially while running.

On pulling the trigger, the barrel usually rotates a feature that will stun kids. The drum comes loaded with 50 elite official darts, which is the actual capacity of the drum. And to operate this toy rifle, you’ll need four D batteries, which, unfortunately, you have to buy separately. Battery power gives it the ability to unleash its 50 dart storm.


  • Easy to load
  • It Shoots fast, hard and with great accuracy
  • Accommodates many darts


  • It’s massive; thus, not ideal for kids below 8 years

NERF E0440EU4 N-Strike Mega AccuStrike Series Thunderhawk, Multi-Colour

The NERF E0440EU4 Mega accustrike blaster is a sure way to blast accurately. This is no mean machine, and it comes with ten accustrike NERF Mega darts, each designed for accuracy. Further, it is strong allowing you to shoot longer distances.

Nerf E0440EU4 is 41 inches when extended, making it the longest NERF blaster. You can simply adjust the barrel to adjust its length. Customizing the length makes it easy for people of different heights to use it comfortably.

You can carry it around if you need mobility. However, it comes with a handy bipod, which is essential when you need support stability – excellent for distant shots while in a fixed position.


  • It is collapsible
  • The bipod stand is handy for stability
  • Looks beautiful


  • Doesn’t have much power

Bottom line

Nerf riffles are the best options to enjoy the shooting game. They aren’t magical toys. They are just usual toy riffles that outperform their competitors. One thing is sure; if you buy them, they’ll serve you perfectly.