Top 5 Kevlar Gloves


Having good cut-resistant gloves are essential because they are vital pieces of personal protective equipment. These gloves come in handy when you have a hazardous job as they serve as the first line of defence when you deal with the risk of injury regularly.

Your chosen work gloves need to be compatible with the specific hazard or risk you face daily. Buying one is a compulsory investment. The Kevlar gloves are made to protect you when working with sharp materials and tools. The cut-resistant design is important in many industries so you need one that fits well and feels well too. We have come up with a list of top 5 kevlar gloves as well as a short buying guide to help you pick one.

What are Kevlar Gloves and how do they work?

DuPont developed Kevlar gloves sometime in 1965. At the time, the Kevlar Aramid fiber was affordable yet resilient and tough. Today, Kevlar is used in so many products from racing sails to bulletproof vests. It is also used in the production of work gloves to offer cut protection.

Kevlar is highly versatile and this makes it an excellent material for sensitive items like gloves. It offers heat resistance, flexibility as well as cut protection. It is suitable for glass handling, construction, and even welding industries among others.

How much do Kevlar Gloves cost?

These gloves cost around $7 to $12 and sometimes more. There are a lot of factors that determine the price. Some include brand, quality, and applicability. Here are some things to consider before choosing Kevlar gloves:

Things to consider


Ensure that the material is comfortable before buying. This is because the cut resistance is associated with thickness. The heavier weight provides protection. However, you need to opt for a pair that offers comfort and doesn’t restrict your mobility. If they do,7 the whole point of getting them will be defeated. Such gloves can be used in the kitchen to chop veggies and fruits. Likewise, it can also be used in an environment with hotter temperatures such as automobile and glass handling companies.


Good Kevlar gloves are lightweight and this is what makes them a great investment. Also, they are affordable for the features they offer. Ensure that the gloves you choose are lightweight and washing machine friendly. This will make it easier to clean while still offering heat and cut resistance. If you intend to use them for long periods then you need to be sure of the quality of the glove and the breathability. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals because it can render them unusable.

Proper fitting

Kevlar gloves are used for several demanding activities since they protect you from injuries while working. The gloves are built to offer the flexibility of the finger and are abrasion-resistant. Despite having all those features, if the gloves are not properly fitted, they are worthless. This means that they should not be larger or smaller than your hand. If they are too large, they can fall off and lead to injury. In the same vein, a small glove will suffocate your hand and cause injuries.

Aside from cut resistance, remember that other hazards may arise during daily tasks. Some common threats include exposure to extensive heat, chemicals, and puncture. All these should be considered before picking a glove.

Comparison of the Best 5 Kevlar Gloves

FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

This glove is cut-resistant and fits snugly into all fingers. It is also lightweight and offers manual dexterity for different types of professional work. It has a non-slip design to prevent slippage as well as hand fatigue. It is touch sensitive to smartphones with a breathable design for all day comfort. The elastic knit wrist cuff makes it easier to wear and remove. It is also silicone free.


  • Lightweight and tough for daily use
  • Water resistant and cut resistant
  • Convenient for long term use
  • Durable and touch sensitive


  • Rubber smell

Customer reviews

The gloves have lots of positive reviews. One customer bought it for gardening and was impressed by its breathability and comfort. Another customer commented on its waterproof nature and the ability to use a smartphone without taking off the gloves.

Youngstown Glove Medium, Gray

The Youngstown glove has a soft terry cloth, supportive cuff, and padded knuckle for extra comfort. Its terry cloth thumb is comfy as it feels great on the skin when you need to clean debris and sweat. The Kevlar material is used to line the glove interior. The fiber material enhances the cut and punctures the resistance ability of the glove.


  • Flexible with a rugged build
  • Maximum grip as well as durability guaranteed by the non-slip reinforcement feature
  • Kevlar fiber is used in the exterior to make it cut and puncture resistant
  • Makes a comfortable fit with the 3D and ergonomic style


  • Runs small

Customer reviews

Most customers who purchased this glove had positive reviews. One customer commented on the water and stretch resistance after coming in contact with liquid. Another said the ergonomic 3D design made it fit the palm even better. Finally, one customer was impressed with the fact that it is machine washable

Cut Resistant Gloves, 100% Kevlar

This glove combines simplicity with a lot of features including fire, low temperature, and cut resistance. It is a one-size-fits-all glove that is lightweight and also easy to clean. It is also made from durable materials to ensure that your gloves last for as long as possible


  • Works well for hot items
  • Reasonably priced gloves
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Too tight for larger palms

Customer reviews

Customers loved this glove for its versatility as it can be used to handle hot items as well as prevent cuts and injuries in other applications. The size is fitting but it can be small for people with large palms as one customer noted.


This police Kevlar glove is made of leather. It offers water and fade-resistance as well as cut resistance. It has an elastic wrist to make it easier to put it on. Even though you cannot use it to access your touchscreen, it offers warmth for the colder months.


  • Warm and thick gloves
  • Cushions the palm when force is applied
  • Well fitted on the palm
  • Durable design


  • Doesn’t work with cellphone screen touch

Customer reviews

Most of the customers who purchased this glove were policemen who use it in the normal course of their work. Most of the stated that it works well for the purpose and is quite durable. Others commend the fitting and stylish design.

DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves 


This glove has a level 5 rating, which means that it has a high rating for cut-resistance. This makes it quite effective for protecting your hand while you work. It can be used while working with a knife, glass, steel, cutter, blade, plastic sheets, cutting slicer, and paper. It offers comfort due to its ergonomic design. It gives your fingers a comfortable and snug fit. The lightweight glove also makes it easier to handle tools that require dexterity. It is also non-slip to reduce any risk of slippage when working under water or areas with some oil.


  • Stylish and has a nice color
  • Lightweight design which promotes great dexterity
  • Non-slip gloves to keep it steady
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design with a snug fit


  • Runs smaller than usual

Customer reviews

This product has a lot of positive reviews because of its unique features. One customer loved the non-slip feature as it prevents slippage, while another customer loved the comfortable fit. Some complained that the gloves are too tight for their larger than average palms. Otherwise, its durability was agreed upon unanimously.


Kevlar has one of the best materials when it comes to cut protection. It is strong and highly resilient. The material combines heat resistance, lightweight dexterity, and cut protection. It can be difficult to pick one, but our guide and list of top 5 Kevlar gloves should help.

As you search for these gloves, focus on the lightweight and comfortable gloves. Since you will use it daily, comfort should be priority. Also, pick a Kevlar glove that you can wash easily in a washing machine. Another key factor to look out for is a reputable manufacturer with a long lasting warranty. Individuals who work with liquids often should also ensure that the pair of gloves they choose is slip-resistant. A greater grip will make your work easier.