Top 5 ITA-Bags


ITA bags are about creativity, showing love, or directly sending out a message, and people in Japan understand this principle better.

Ita-bag lovers are always looking for the latest and most striking trends. Today, we look at these bags in detail – their origin, popularity, and how to choose the best. Still, we show you some best examples on the internet.

Best of all, we have a selection of the five best ITA bags you can buy online.

But first things first.

What are Ita-Bags?

Probably you’ve seen bags covered in characters.  It may be keyrings or badges. In some cases, it is just a character that you love. Yes, it may appear weird, scary, and may cause you to cringe. That is the true definition of an ita-bag.

Actually, the Japanese translation is a cringy/painful bag (痛バッグ), i.e., 痛 for painful/cringy andバッグ meaning bag. You won’t feel pain while carrying the bag, but whoever sees them, will cringe.

The animation is usually protected by a clear window or plastic coating, and are usually on the outer side of the bag. Keep in mind; the bags are a creative creation, customizable, and can hold additional fandom valuables.

The major concept, though, is about pure passion, i.e., your passion for your chosen obsession.

Currently, these bags are fashionable throughout the world.

Some examples of Ita-Bags

There is a wide range of ITA bags, each channeling a specific message.

The neat and tidy ITA bag: this bag focusses on symmetry. These bags use a few button badges and have a keychain design, which is neatly organized in a layer.

Over-the-top Ita Bag: if you want to go over the top, this is the bag for you. It is the most shocking style for people passing by. Take this option if you don’t mind chaos, or you are too busy for neat stuff.

DIY Ita-Bags

Check out this video to make your own Ita-Bag.


Where did Ita-Bags originate from?

ITA bag is actually a borrowed idea, and it isn’t recent. The bags started about 20 years ago, though they gained popularity only 5 years ago.

The idea was borrowed from Visual Kei music movement fans. The fans used to cut images of band members, and they would stick these images on their bags and jackets.

If you remember the rock bands of the 80s and 90s, the trend was that of band logo patches and jacket pins. Fans would pin their favorite band members on their jackets and bags.

The ITA bags use the same ideas; fans cover their bags with illustrations of their favorite character in a particular activity.  It can be a sport, a music band or even actors.


How did Ita-Bags become popular?

Getting obsessed with some aspects is common. If in Japan, you are an otaku, and if you are an ardent otaku, you’ll definitely want to show it, especially if you take your fandoms seriously. They define you.

There are many ways to flaunt your fictional character. May be cover the walls of your room with scroll and figurines. It works. But will the world get to know it? No. Only people visiting your home.

Remember, you are an ardent fan, and they influence your life a big deal. But there is a way for the world to witness, anywhere any time; Make an ITA bag.

An ITA bag is not just decorations. It is an expression of sincere dedication to a particular fandom. The bags have evolved from true labor of love to an art form. To non-fans, they might be painful to look at.

But what’s surprising they can be expensive. Fans can spend up to USD 600 on one bag.

In Japan, there are frequent ITA bag contests to popularise and promote these bags. Nonetheless, most otaku would instead show off their creation at cons and cosplay events. Still, you can easily spot the bags at popular otaku hubs.

How to choose an Ita-Bag for yourself?

What you want in a bag depends on your unique taste. You may just want a normal bag, or you may want something unique. Either way, consider the following:

  • Design: you can pick the bag based on the style you love. The style determines the amount and type of decorations the bag will have. Again, the design determines how easy it is to carry the bag. And ITA bags are meant to carry anywhere. So choose a design that is comfortable to carry around.
  • Type of decorations: decorations greatly vary. Will you prefer keychain, buttons badges, plushies, or a combination of all?
  • Material and general built: look for strong material. The majority of bags are constructed of PU and a polythene lining.
  • Protective layer: the protective layer is essential in preventing damage to your decoration. Again, they prevent the decoration from attaching to your clothing. They should be robust and transparent
  • Price: ITA bags may be expensive in some cases. But this depends on where you got them. For a cheaper option, you might consider making yours at home.

What is the typical cost?

The cost vary with design and accessories. However, most DIY version are cheaper. You can buy a bag with a clear window, and attach your accessories. On average you can get a decent bag at about $20, though some cost as low as $10. Still some cost hundreds of dollars.

Comparison of the Top 5

Ita Bag Leather Backpack Transparent (Black)

If you are looking for a black DIY ITA bag, then this is an excellent option. It has two front transparent pockets and hooks at the top.  This gives you a variety of DIY applications like decorations displaying your dolls and anime badges, among others.

Note that the bag doesn’t come accessories like badges and chains. So you’ll have to buy them to customize your ITA bag looks.

With a size of 11x4x13in, the bag can accommodate a variety of your essentials such as wallets, IPAD, water glasses, A4 books, and so on, making it ideal for daily life, school and travel. It has a central unit, 2 small pouches, and 2 transparent front pocket.

The synthetic leader built with a polyester lining and PVC, makes the bag soft, lightweight, but it is durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Has options for different decorations
  • The size is decent for ITA bag


  • Doesn’t come with accessories; you have to buy them separately

SteamedBun ITA Bag Cat Shaped with Insert

The SteamedBun ITA Bag isn’t huge, but it can hold your keys, wallets, sunglasses, and smartphone safely. It measures 8×2.5×6.5 inches and features a polyurethane leather construction. The general assembly is detailed streamlined stitching making it sturdy.

It has a single main pocket, a single zipped pocket, and 2 open pockets. On the front side is a clear cat-shaped window. You can attach pins, enamel, buttons, small aesthetic items as well as stickers. Ideally, you can deck numerous items to just decorate it as per your style or place an attractive item that you want not to lose.

If you love traveling, music festivals, concerts, Dog walking, or you are out for Anime Expo and Comic-Con, this is the perfect bag. You can carry it comfortably, considering it has an adjustable shoulder strap.

What’s more, you got an enamel insert to boot.


  • Cleverly built
  • Reasonably heavy material
  • The size of the window is excellent (separate zippered area with sheets of pins)
  • Look cute


  • Size is bit smaller

Fascinating Clear Candy Leather Handbag


The bag is indeed smooth to touch and lightweight, but the PU leather material is heavy enough to confer substantial durability.

The bag has a feminine look and touch, and it can carry wallets, phones, iPad, and female hygiene products. The 15.3×15.3×5.5inches bag has a transparent front pocket with two sides pattern zippers to showcase your favorite toys, badges, DIY decorations, etc.

What’s lovely about these lines of bags is that they come in ten different colors. Their lightweight nature makes it easy to carry them around to any place you are going while displaying.


  • Thick and sturdy
  • Well made
  • High-quality zippers
  • Comes with backpack straps and two purse straps


  • The inner lining is loose
  • Pockets are at the back of décor panel; in case you want to use pins, you have to pin them directly through the pockets

ITA Bag Backpack with Bowknot Design Pins Satchel


The bowknot design on this bag makes it look a little cuter than its counterparts. Otherwise, the bag is well-built, thanks to the PU Leather and an interior polyester lining. Generally, the bag is lightweight, but the material is stronger; thus, a durable product.

The front window is transparent, and has four hooks and a metal chain, making it an excellent DIY ITA bag. You can hang your decorative stuff or accessories according to your taste. Additionally, the main bag has two zips.

With a 10.6×3.9×12.2 inch capacity, you can comfortably carry a lot of small daily use staff such as laptops, tablets, purses, and smartphones.


  • Easy to clean window
  • Right size – fits a laptop
  • Built of thicker material


  • The zippers jam quickly
  • Window have thin fabric which leaves holes from pins

2019 Summer Candy Backpacks Transparent Bag

This is another bag you can convert into an ITA bag. Like other bags, it is built of Pu Leather, but unlike other bags, it has plastic.

Again, it features two main pockets, i.e., central and the front pocket. Carry your private items in the main pocket, and use the front transparent plastic screen pocket for DIY ITA bag adventures.

The bag has a smooth and robust zipper while every stitching joint has been strengthened to ensure that the bag is functional.

The bag comes in 6 different colors.


  • Affordable
  • Pretty sturdy
  • Sparkles beneath the screen give a cute appearance


  • Plastic screen scratches easily

Bottom Line

While ITA bags are a unique feature of Japanese, they are now popular around the world. Anybody can buy these bags. Alternatively, you can take your DIY route and create your perfect bag.  Either way, stay focused on quality and creativity.

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