Top 5 in-wall Subwoofers


In-wall subwoofers not only come with pleasing aesthetic but also give your space a classy and clean look.  But that isn’t the only reason you buy these subwoofers, right? You definitely want a system that transforms your living space into a highly functional theatre environment.

What are in-wall subwoofers?

While other woofers are meant to be placed on a surface or mounted on to the wall, an in-wall subwoofer rests in a cavity within the wall. These subwoofers fit precisely in that cavity in that you won’t be able to see it. That means the size of the cavity should match the size of the sub.

Flush mounting these woofers leaves you with a clean and organized space. Further, it is an excellent choice in houses or office where space is little, but owners need to get a home theatre-like sound.

Are in-wall subwoofers good?

The goodness of in-wall subwoofers depends on their quality. Nonetheless, these woofers present a lot of convenience to the user. For instance, they are a space-saving option.

You can use these SUBs with your TV in case you want a theatre-like experience. Similarly, they work well with your music system. It worth mentioning that the in-wall subwoofer does not have much bass due to its small woofer drivers. Nevertheless, they can enhance your entertainment session.

How do you put a sub-woofer on the wall?

Installing an in-wall subwoofer isn’t a complex process as it sounds. However, the whole process depends whether you have a cavity on your wall or you have to drill a new one.

The process involves:

  • Determining speaker placement points: you might consider placing your speakers at seating height and about 6 to 10 feet apart. Again, ensure that they are at least 3 feet from the wall to reduce the boomy bass from the boundary effect. Also, ensure that you install the speakers between studs.
  • Identify wire paths: wire route are very important. Decide on how you are going to run your wires. Do you prefer running along the wall, on the floor or the ceiling? Then using your preferred method, do the wiring.
  • Cutting holes: modern in wall subwoofers come with cut-out templates. These templates are beneficial in assisting you to cut out a precise hole on your wall. Just use a drywall saw.
  • Speaker installation: fit the speakers into the cut-out holes. Ensure they fit properly. Again, if you want them to match the color of the wall, paint them first before installation. Remove the speakers and connect the wires. Once complete, return the speakers to the cavity and screw them tightly.
  • Testing: switch on to check if the sound is working. Use lower volume, and then progress steadily. This way, you can notice the quality of sound.

Check out the following video for detailed instructions on how to install in-wall subwoofers.

Buying Guide for the best in-wall subwoofers

Put in mind the following parameters while purchasing an in-wall subwoofer:

  • Size: select based on the size of your room. Also, it depends on the space you have on your wall. Most in-wall subwoofers have a size of 5, 8, or 23 inches. However, larger speakers have a higher sound quality than the smaller ones.
  • Frequency response: an adequate frequency range is suitable for your ears. Check for a deeper also. Ideally, are a range of between 65 Hz to 20 kHz is good.
  • Easy to mount: check for mounting options. All options must be easy. Again, the securing mechanism must be the best to reduce the risk of falling. Cable management should be of concern, as it determines whether you have a clean look or not. Luckily, modern types come with an installation template.
  • Efficiency: good quality speakers translate to efficiency, i.e., higher volume capacity and decent performance. Many in-wall speakers have swiveling tweeters. They allow you to angle your sound according to your preference. This helps you to customize your listening experience. Similarly, some have bass and treble controls to manipulate according to your mood.

Comparison of the Best five in-wall subwoofers

1)    Theatre Solutions SUB8S 250 Watt Surround Sound HD Subwoofer

The SUB8S is ideal for you if you need some extra powerful bass. The subwoofer has quality integrated 250W speakers that are suitable for both music and movies. Notice that it features Standard RCA inputs. These inputs easily connect to the home theater receivers dedicated Sub Out.

This subwoofer is slim. At only 4.75 inches, it perfectly fits beneath your furniture. The impressive thing, though, is its moisture-resistant material and the sophisticated design that ensure that the sub gives optimal performance and longer quality life. The computer-aided design software offers an optimized balance and interface between components.

Additionally, the in-built cabinet amplifier has a higher left/right spring terminal input while you can continuously vary the 24dB per octave crossover from 50-150Hz. What’s more, the built-in auto shut off switches the sub to standby mode if it doesn’t receive a signal within 2 minutes.


  • The slim profile easily fits in small spaces
  • Its sound is loud enough and plenty of bass
  • Highly functional auto off/on feature


  • You will not feel the bass

2)    PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch Subwoofer

The pioneer TS-SW2502S4 is one of the best shallow mount subwoofers in the market today. It features a single 4Ohm voice coil, which delivers not only deep bass but also produces top-notch sound quality.

The bass from this sub is not only deep but accurate also because the system comes with a mica injection-molded resin speaker. This technology results in quality speakers that have minimal distortions; actually, less than 12% distortion. So you are assured of accurate bass and natural and clear sounds.

The cone structure in this in-wall subwoofer is oversize. Thus, it provides a greater cone and gasket surface without changing its standard external dimension. Therefore, the oversize cone surface causes the sub to produce deeper and louder bass via moving more air.

The exact mounting depth here is less than half of a standard subwoofer in this class.


  • Very easy to install
  • Decent bass and sound quality
  • Affordable


  • Built of cheap material

3)    Klipsch RW-5802 II IW SUB (In-Wall Speaker)

The Klipsch RW-5802 II IW is the best way to bring excitement into your listening space. This speaker allows you to capture all low-frequency effects with the intensity of home theatre or two-channel system, especially when you pair it with the RSA-500 amplifier.

The dual 8” long-throw woofers make the RW-5802 II bassy. On the other hand, its drivers have stiff, well-damped anodized Cerametallic cones, making them strong. As such, they allow your woofers to move at high speeds without blurring the sound as in cases of conventional designs.


  • The sound is clean and solid
  • Quick installation – use only a hand screw
  • Slick


  • Gold cones reflect through the screens

4)    Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way Premium In-Wall 8″ Speakers (Pair)

The RC85i is one of the most accurate in-wall subwoofers offering you left, right, or center channels. Its components are superior. It features rustproof stainless steel hardware and butyl rubber surrounds.

Additionally, it has powder coated in-ceiling aluminum and in-wall painted steel grilles. Such features make RCi Series speakers suitable for areas that have high moisture, e.g., bathrooms and even under eaves.

Setting up the sub is very easy. It is simply a drop-in installation procedure that involves a simple single cut to allow the wires to reach the built-in audio system. What’s more, the precision flange and the perfect fit template makes the process easy.

To achieve a secure and vibration-free installation, make use of the patented rotating Cam system.

The combination of the swivel tweeters and the dynamic balance drivers deliver realistic imaging, clear, and full sounds. The Timbre-matching with other Polk Audio speakers ensures seamless blending and unmatched audio clarity within a Home theater setup.


  • Pack a lot of bass
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Have a neat and clean look on the wall
  • Acceptable sound quality


  • Shoddy housing components


5)    Yamaha NS-IW660 3-Way In-Wall Speaker System  White

The Yamaha NS-IW660 has a minimal footprint and is very easy to install.

Its speakers are ideal for suitable for the front or centered channel application in a surround sound system. Remember, it has a three-way driver design. Thus, ensuring the lows, mids, and highs are well-catered for. In turn, the speakers deliver powerful, high-performance sound.

Ideally, its 6.5-inch Kevlar cone woofer reproduces frequencies as low as 50 Hz while the 1-inch titanium dome tweeter ranges as high as 28 kHz. Additionally, the 1.62-inch aluminium dome midrange driver covers for the space in between. And this leads to warm, rich sound, which transitions seamlessly from bass-heavy passages to soaring vocal highs.

Note that the drivers of this sub-woofer are from high-quality material. That is why you get superb sound. Further, they allow you to re-orient your listening area to accommodate any setup. The tweeters of the speakers and the midrange drivers have an adjustable swivel, which allows you to aim higher frequency sounds towards your new listening position –press the edge of the driver to reach the correct angle. Alternatively, you can use a high-level adjuster.

Distortion is minimal in these speakers thanks to the high capacity customized crossover network. It not only minimizes distortion but also prevents the deterioration of transients as they pass through the network.


  • The sound quality is respectable
  • High-quality materials
  • Clean bass with clear and tight highs and solid mids
  • Easy installation


  • Not a low profile speaker

Bottom Line

In wall subwoofers are one of the most decent sound instruments you can have. For the fact that they stay within the wall cavity, they won’t take up your floor space. Just consider the points and products above when you want to buy one.