Top 5 Card Shufflers


Anybody that plays cards casually knows that shuffling cards is clunky and could damage the cards. It is also believed that you can spot card sharks by evaluating their dealing and shuffling prowess. Most people even make a show out of it to make the game more interesting.

Card shufflers come into play to smoothen the game. They have been around for some time now and are popular in casinos. Card shufflers are efficient as they help keep the card play exciting without having to stop. It is more efficient than shuffling cards manually and returns results. Card shufflers can also handle several packs of cards at a stretch.

In this article, we will learn about card shufflers and how they work with the different types available. We will also highlight what to look out for in them. We have a list of five-card shufflers that top the market and we are certain that anyone of the designs will need your requirement.

How to select Card Shufflers

Before buying card shufflers, you need some basic information about them. This guide will start with the types of card shufflers available. They include:

  • Automatic card shufflers: this type of card shuffler has a lot of designs but is quite easy to use. They shuffle the cards when placed in the machine. The loader is triggered with a weight scale or a laser sensor. This triggers it to shuffle the deck and then return the cards via a retrievable location.
  • Continuous card shufflers: this type of card shuffler doesn’t have weight scales or laser sensors. When you turn it on, it shuffles the cards continuously until you make it stop. They also shuffle the cards extensively to prevent cluster after a game.

Both of these types work well, so when you want to choose one that fits your needs at the time. There are several other factors to consider before picking a card shuffler. They include:

Card Size and type

While playing cards often come in a standard size, ensure that it fits your deck because some shufflers may be too tight or too loose for them. Also, the type is important because they may not fit properly. Before picking one, ensure that it is a standard size that fits most cards.

Game type

Another important consideration is the type of game you want to play. Make sure that the chosen card shuffler can shuffle for the type of game you want to play.


The capacity is another important consideration. Ask yourself how many decks you need to shuffle at a time. Some machines can handle up to 6 decks consecutively while others handle less.

Wall or battery power

Manual or mechanical shufflers still exist and some use batteries while others are plugged to the wall. You can find shufflers that give you both options in one. For portability, a hybrid or battery-powered shuffler will be ideal. Otherwise, you can get a wall plug shuffler.

Noise level

Some shufflers are really noisy because of the type of motors they use. Be sure to check this if you prefer a quieter one. Some people prefer the sound when it shuffles as they consider it satisfying.


Most people prefer a light shuffler so they can move around with it easily. If you need something you can move with ease, then consider the weight before buying.

Comparison of the Top 5 Card Shuffler

Brybelly Two Deck Card Shuffle

The Brybelly automatic card shuffler is the closest type to the ones used in casinos. It is a medium-duty machine that shuffles two decks consecutively. The shuffler uses wall power/batteries and is moderately loud. However, it is a lot less likely to jam due to its unique design.

It is suitable for standard card types and weighs around 15.2 ounces. It is a professional machine and is ideal if you want the casino feel.


  • Works fast
  • perfect build quality
  • Works with batteries
  • Professional shuffler


  • Moderately loud

Customer Reviews

The buyers loved this device because it worked efficiently for shuffler 2 decks at a time. Many of them noticed that it works smoother with newer cards. Overall, the product is a good one even though some complained that it is noisy.

CHH Card Shuffler 2 Deck 

This shuffler is completely manual and controlled by a hand crank. It doesn’t require any batteries. It gives the cards a better grip as it shuffles. It is made from plastic and you will not need to open it after assembling it. you will not need to anyway.

it is a sturdy plastic shuffler with a plastic tray that picks the shuffled cards. Its weight is also quite impressive at only one pound. So you can move it around with ease if the need arises.


  • Lightweight hand shuffler
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Made from sturdy plastic
  • Easy to use


  • Jams sometimes

Customer Reviews

Many customers loved the fact that it is an old fashioned hand-crank machine. It was useful for shuffling cards and also doesn’t require batteries to work. One customer noted that the shuffler does not damage cards even though it jams sometimes. Overall, it works well and is portable.

Trademark Poker Card Shuffler

This card shuffler is battery operated as it works with 4 size C batteries. They can be installed easily in the shuffler’s bottom. It has a six-deck capacity and can be loaded between 2 sides so it can shuffle easily in a few seconds. It works better with standard poker-sized cards. Narrower bridged sized cards also work well on it.

It is ideal for users with arthritis or other dexterity problems since you can shuffle cards with the push of one lever. The gears on both sides of the shuffler propel the cards evenly into a plastic tray. This makes it smoother to shuffle.


  • The device works well
  • Has gears to propel cards smoothly
  • Good for people with arthritis
  • Battery operated


  • Jams sometimes

Customer Reviews

Most customers loved the easy to use nature of this shuffler. They commented on its capability to handle more than 4 decks simultaneously. However, some complained that it jammed occasionally. The buyers were able to solve the problem by holding and not just pressing the lever. The card collection tray was also one of the favorite features.

Silly Goose Games Automatic Shuffler

This card shuffler comes in 2, 4, or 6 decks model. It is easy to use and can shuffle six decks effortlessly. This large capacity makes it a heavy-duty model similar to the ones in many casinos. You can load up six decks on the two-sided shuffler and it will work seamlessly. It doesn’t matter if you need it to play poker, blackjack or gin rummy, it can save you time and keep the game fun and moving smoothly. This card shuffler is also automatic and is battery operated with 4C batteries.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Uses battery and is portable
  • Loads up to six decks
  • Quite affordable


  • Need some manipulation to work well

Customer Reviews

Most of the buyers of this product loved it because it is battery operated and portable. Its setup is easy and it is very affordable. Other customers complained that it works well but may need extra work to push the batteries back up. Otherwise, most agreed that it is a good buy.

WYZworks Casino 6 Deck Card Shuffler 

This card shuffler is fully automatic. It uses a one-button operation and this gives it a point for user-friendliness. The cards shuffle neatly into the tray and operate with 4C batteries. It is ideal for players of all ages and gives you casino style shuffling that can speed up the game instead of fiddling.

It shuffles up to six decks of cards quickly and effortlessly. You can use it with both standard and bridge sized cards. It does not matter if they are made of plastic or paper. It also has a plastic side panel that gives players a clear indicator of how many cards remain inside.


  • Fully automatic card shuffler
  • User friendly
  • Shuffles up to six cards
  • Works with standard cards and bridge sized cards


  • Noisy motor

Customer Reviews

Most customers loved this shuffler because it is reasonably priced and works well for the purpose. Others commented on the noisy motor but noted that it isn’t enough to bother anyone. The fact that you can use both bridged size and standard sized cards were also appreciated by the buyers.


A good card shuffler can make your game more enjoyable. Be sure to check the type before buying. This would determine how portable it will be for people who want to travel with their shufflers. The material also matters when it comes to durability. Surely, you can find a product on this list that fits your needs.