Top 5 Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks 


Home is the best place where you can drop in and gain a sigh of relief after spending a whole tiring day. Apart from resting and relaxing, there are a few responsibilities that you have to take up on your shoulders to ensure that your home is a home safe home even when you are outside your home. Security stands as one of the important parameters to consider to safeguard our belonging. Thus there has been an innovation in the security sector which spruced up in the form of biometric locks. Owing all thanks to the technology, these locks serve as a great alternative to ensure security.

Read further to gain insight on how these lock works and the top 5 biometric fingerprint door locks that you can buy this year.

What are biometric fingerprint door locks, and how do they work?

A biometric fingerprint lock, as the name suggests, is a lock that allows access to the authorized housemates to gain entry inside the house using their fingerprints. They offer security and can be trusted for non-intrusive and reliable purposes.

These fingerprint locks work on the principle of scanning. When an individual places his/her finger on the scanner, the details get transformed into a numerical template. The detail is further saved in the database of the biometric lock. The same has to be repeated for every user who is allowed to gain access.

Next, when the same user returns back and places his/her finger on the scanner, it runs a search to check out for matching details. If an exact match is found, then that particular individual is allowed to gain access to your home.

On the contrary, if an intruder is trying to do the same, the access is denied. This ensures that your home remains safe against any such fraudulent activities.

How much do biometric fingerprint door locks cost?

The price of these Biometric fingerprint door locks ranges anywhere between $200 to $ 300 USD.

What are the benefits of using biometric fingerprint door locks?

There are various benefits of using biometric fingerprint door locks. Here are a few of them:

·      High-end security:

The very first advantage of using these locks is that you can gain access to higher levels of security. The locks are designed such that it can be opened using the fingerprints of the individual. And, as we all know, each individual has different fingerprint traces; this cannot be misused by any person who is trying to intrude into your home.

·     Lost keys – No more a problem:

Losing keys is a common problem that many owners face due to a careless attitude. Another thing is the hunt for keys if you have placed it in your bag, among all the girly staples and junk, it can be a real struggle to search for the house keys. In such a case, a biometric fingerprint door lock can be a savior that can save you from the key hunt.

Also, when you have accidentally lost the keys, replacing them with new ones and making an arrangement to get the doors open can be quite a cumbersome task. However, biometric lacks can save you from falling prey to such an incident.

·      Impossible to hack:

Other key and lockless options, such as key cards, password locks, etc. can be prone to hacking. If someone is secretly eyeing on your house, there are chances that someone can secretly invade your home by hacking the secret code. But in the case of fingerprint, this is something that is just next to impossible as no one can have the same fingerprints as yours.

·      User-friendliness:

These locks are easy to operate and user friendly, and you do not have to learn any rocket science to learn to operate it. It just needs a onetime installation, and you are good to go!

Comparison of the Best 5 biometric fingerprint door locks

Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock, Biometric


The product offers advanced Fingerprint Recognition Technology. Together with its plain and trendy look, this fingerprint lock is ideal for all household and office needs. It constitutes the biometric fingerprint recognition technology, and besides, it can read fingerprints in 360 degrees within 0.25 seconds, which guarantees the one-touch unlock impact, and is also both secured and user friendly.

It is very convenient to install, and no drilling required. For a successful installation, you only need two screws. The secret is your finger. A detailed instruction manual is included in the package to allow you to install in just a few steps.


  • It has a dual unlock mode.
  • Voice-guided programming is immensely helpful.
  • It has a double emergency protection with Green rechargeable energy with USB support.


  • You need to fully understand the features post demo performance due to the technicalities.

Customer Review:

Customers often mention that the device is heavy and installation takes only 5 minutes. Also, programming is very simple. They also say that it looks great and it might hold pretty well in the long run. Apart from fingerprint recognition, it has channel/locking mode. There is a selection button on the inside handle.

Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700


The product model is SHS-H700 fitted in door thickness of 38~55 mm. Handle Includes Fingerprint/Mechanical/Authentication Pin. It is based on the touch-screen and has a dual way security through magic number. There are multiple access methods through key tags, passwords, and credit cards. There is only one password (4 to 12 digits).


  • It is safe from electric shocks.
  • It is mounted with Fire Detection Sensor and Manual switchgear.
  • It is laced with an intrusion detection alarm sound.
  • It also consists of a crime setting feature and an automatic lock/lockout feature.


  • It requires proper training for operational purposes.

Customer Review:

Customers are overall satisfied with the performance and are quite eager to know about the dimensions, durability, and user-friendliness. It eventually leads to the product’s accessibility to a wide customer audience.

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution

This product is from eufy, the brand of home protection, in which privacy comes first. It is complete with Home Security Services. Designed by the same team of Anker; known for excellent quality and creativity. Every eufy Security product is built to keep the security data secure. Rest assured you’ll have a safe record of all that’s happening in your house.

It makes simple record interaction and set up up to 3 instant responses. It simply picks one of your pre-recorded answers for a quick way to communicate and provide feedback when you are informed of an incident.

Remember the original doorbell wires power up the video doorbell. Users may need to change their original chime by instruction or update the doorbell transformer if the original does not have enough power.


  • It has smart detection zones.
  • It enables 3 seconds of image viewing before the initial alert.
  • It records and sets up 3 instant responses.
  • It also connects the doorbell to Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


  • You will need the help of a proper electrician for a successful installation. 

Customer Review:

Users feel that it is an excellent product at cheaper costs. Also, the customers say that the video quality is good. It has a 2-way audio, 2k video, night vision, decent view angle, which are quite attractive to own.

Lockly Fingerprint Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door


The product containing the Lockly Safe Plus Smart Lock operated by PIN Genie is the most innovative keyless entry for both homes and offices. You can lock your door and unlock it with your digital keyboard, physical key, phone, or even fingerprint. Now, you are least bothered about missing keys.

You can now add or remove access easily with the mobile device, and even save as good as 99 fingerprints! The Lockly Safe Smart Lock integrates up to 2 “in thickness into a majority of doors and fits well with both left and right swing doors.


  • It has secure digital keypads.
  • It runs on Bluetooth through a phone app.
  • You have two physical keys with the product lock.
  • It also has a 3D fingerprint sensor.


  • It does not fit in the doors of more than 2” thickness.

Customer Review:

Users say that it has an amazing quality build, easy to install; no hole drilling required. The instruction manual is easy to handle. Control via Bluetooth is an added advantage. Customers also love the fingerprint feature. It locks when needed and unlocks with the intervention of authorized persons only.

Ardwolf A60 Biometric Door Lock, Keyless Entry Fingerprint


The product comes with fingerprint unlock. It has Nanny Function, which enables the visitors to unlock the door within the time allowed. It is designed specifically for babysitters, hour-workers, etc.

It has open mode and if this feature is enabled, anybody can unlock the gates by pressing the handle down without a password or fingerprint check, which is handy for offices, clubs, etc. Double ID combination mode is the key. When you activate this feature, there have to be 2 user IDs present.


  • It has the feature of a one-touch unlock.
  • The double ID combination mode reflects a higher level of security.
  • There is a software lock assistant.
  • It works in all conditions from 5 to 140-degree F.


  • You need to keep a power bank handy in case of power cuts or it may interrupt the functions.

Customer Review:

Customers say that it’s a simple installation within no time. Also, the programming is very simple to figure out. They also mention that the lock is heavy duty and solid to the core.


So these were the top 5 biometric locks that will help you keep your home safe even when you are not around. These locks offer that extra bit of security to keep your belongings and possessions safe in your absence. Also, these products excel in safeguarding home against any intrusions and fraudulent activities that prevail in our country.