Top 5 Bidet Toilet Combos


Hygiene is the most important thing we take care of when we go to the washroom. A standard toilet becomes insufficient when it comes to maintaining your hygiene to the best level. Thanks to the fast-growing smart technology industry that we have bidet toilet combos. A bidet toilet not only helps in maintaining your hygiene in your washroom but also offers a comfortable and luxurious experience which is far more superior to an average toilet. Although it comes expensive, it’s one of the smartest investments you can do to add luxury and comfort to your lifestyle.

Before thinking to buy a bidet toilet combo, you need to know every important thing about this luxury toilet fixture. So, whenever you plan for your next washroom renovation, don’t miss to read this bidet toilet combos buying guide and explore the top-rated 5 bidet toilet combos. It will help you in making a wise investment while selecting the right bidet toilet combo.

What is a Combined Bidet Toilet?

A combined bidet toilet is a dual-functionality all-in-one smart toilet fixture that you can install in your modern washroom to add luxury and comfort. It offers the option of washing your undercarriage while offering the dual functionality of bidet and toilet in a single toilet fixture. The toilet looks like a regular toilet with a bowl and a rim. But below the rim, there is a bidet nozzle provided. This functions as the water stream outlet to wash your back meanwhile saving you space to wash yourself while you are on the toilet. It is an environment-friendly option for you to keep yourself clean. In case you are looking for a more complete wash than using toilet paper, you can use this option.

Why Should You Choose a Combined Bidet Toilet?

While attempting to understand this, you need to keep in mind the two most important things a toilet must have. One is hygiene, and the other is comfort. We already know that the use of water gives a more complete wash, which toilet papers can’t completely replicate. In terms of comfort, most toilet bidets come with some wonderful features such as temperature control, adjustable water pressure, warm seat, etc. This makes the experience a pleasure rather than a chore. The combination of toilet and bidet provides the optimal mix of both comfort and hygiene. A more mundane yet important reason is that it helps you save space inside your washroom. The use of a toilet bidet helps reduce the consumption of toilet paper. Think of all the trees you would save by reducing your toilet paper consumption. These are just some reasons for you to use a toilet bidet.

Comparing the Top 5 Bidet Toilet Combos

The concept of toilet bidet combos is beginning to gain acceptance only now. Still, there are a surprisingly large number of products already available. We wouldn’t blame you for feeling confused when you see the wide variety available. That’s why we have made a closer look at the options available. We looked into the good, the bad, and the ugly features of all the top 5 best toilet bidet combos that we are reviewing below.

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 3D Tornado Flush System Front Cleanse, Soft Rear Cleanse Check Price
TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H Ultra-High Efficient Tornado Flush Siphon Jet Flushing System Front Cleanse, Soft Rear Cleanse Check Price
WoodBridge T-0008 Fully Glazed Powerful Flush System Posterior Feminine, Pulsating Check Price
Ove Decors SMART TOILET Single Flush System Check Price
BioBidet USPA 6800 Auto Flush System Posterior Feminine, Pulsating Check Price

Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

The first thing that strikes you about the Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Integrated Toilet G400 is the convenience and hygiene of hands-free use.


The automatic open and shut mechanism of the toilet seat is a good feature in these days of fast-spreading viruses. You will enjoy the preheated seat of the Toto G400 as you take your place and begin your work. Depending on the climate of your location and the time of the year, you can choose from among five preheat options. It also has an automatic Premist spray feature which ensures that the bowl is optimally moistened before you begin. This ensures there is no waste sticking to the bowl later. This saves water, and also saves you from the trouble and expense of using strong chemicals later for cleaning. There is also a deodorizer to help you avoid unpleasant smells when you enter or after you leave.


Let us come to the design of the cleaning process once you have finished. As soon as you give the command, a wand will come out and begin spraying a soothing stream of water to help you clean yourself. You can clean both the front and rear. You can vary the water pressure and temperature as per your choice. In case you do not change your choices too often, you also have the option of saving up to two setting preferences.


  • The entire operation is hands-free, to prevent possible infection by germs
  • Self cleans at every use, helping avoid deep cleansing later
  • The spraying wand automatically cleans itself before and after every use


  • Some users have reported that the seat opens automatically even if you have entered the bathroom for some other work. This can be unsettling initially.

TOTO Dual Flush with Ceramic Glaze

We found the Toto Neorest to be a mean machine with the elegance of a vintage car. It was a smooth combination of utility, looks, and great performance.


We can start by mentioning the automatic opening of the seat as you approach it. As you begin to leave, it shuts. Then there are the other features like advanced washlet, siphon jet flushing using Tornado, CeFiONtect surface to ensure cleanliness, among others.


This Neorest has an automatic Premist spray for cleanliness and a night light for use in the darkness. The seat is ergonomically designed, and the operation is smooth and easy. It is a one-piece unit.


  • Efficient flushing system
  • Multiple options for spray position and seat warmth
  • The timer helps save energy
  • Two washing options – pulsating and oscillating
  • Choice of three wash modes – front, rear, soft


  • For someone who hasn’t used before, the installation might be a bit of a task without external help

WoodBridge Luxury Bidet Toilet


You can opt for warm water as well as a heated seat. Not only those, but these options are also available at five different settings, so you are well covered in the hottest summer and the harshest winter. The T-0008 has a safety on/off sensor, and the ability to self-clean the wand and nozzle before and after use. The nozzles are of stainless steel for easy cleaning.


You will love the modern design of this product which is also very user-friendly. It fits in at exactly the perfect height which helps make the experience very comfortable for you. The T-0008 not only takes care of your comfort but is also a very intelligent gadget. It ensures minimum wastage while calibrating itself for your maximum comfort. For example, look at the different options it provides you. You can opt for the standard posterior wash, for sure. But it also has the choice of a feminine wash that covers the front as well. You can enjoy the temperature-controlled stream of hygienic filtered water if you like. But additionally, it also offers you the choice of a pulsating wash for greater comfort.


  • Correct height, LED lights, and self-cleaning features make it easy for use for people of all ages, including the elderly
  • The installation and operation are easier than comparable toilet bidet combos
  • Flushing system is efficient and avoids water wastage


  • The ease and speed of shipping once you order, is not the best in class.

Ove Decors SMART TOILET Heated Seat with Remote Control

At the beginning of this review, we mentioned that most toilet bidet combos reduce the usage of toilet paper by almost 75%. The Ove Decors Smart Toilet goes one step further. With its brilliant combination of warm water stream and air drying, it almost eliminates the need for toilet paper.


It not only takes good care of you but also of the toilet bowl, with its powerful single flush system with a MaP score of 800g. The Smart Toilet is duly certified by CSA, DOE, and CEC, so you know that your product has the highest quality and safety standards.


You get the best of comfort with this toilet bidet combo. For example, the massage wash will not only clean you thoroughly but give you the feel of a spa. The heated seating can prevent the jolt of sitting on a freezing cold seat. Additionally, you can avoid touching different parts of this gadget. This is possible by using the remote control provided for easy operation. If you are spending the rest of your say with a variety of smart gadgets, there is no reason your bathroom should continue to remain ancient.


  • Gives you a luxurious feel with almost everything automated and smart
  • Saves you money in the long run by controlling water and toilet paper usage
  • In spite of its futuristic feature, it costs much less than other comparable gadgets


  • Installation is quite complicated and difficult. This is made worse by the lack of availability of dependable instructions

BioBidet Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote and Dryer


This is one product that has lately become available in the United States. And it is being lapped up greedily by buyers, which is not without reason.


You will get all the useful features that you would expect from a good quality toilet bidet combo. It has both posterior as well as feminine front wash. It offers a choice of pulsating and oscillating water flow. You can adjust the temperature of the water flow. You also have an air drier which helps you dry up afterward with a soothing blast of warm air. The water nozzle has futuristic features like bubble infusion and also increased (seven) number of nozzle holes for a better wash. The tank reservoir ensures that you get water consistently and at a steady temperature. Finally, there is the convenience of the remote provided along with the Bidet USPA 6800. It is small enough for you to hold in one hand, yet large enough to hold all the buttons you might need for seamless operation.


One look at the Bidet USPA 6800 and its remote, and you will feel it is a futuristic machine. The operations are efficient and user friendly, and it is not simply a good looking machine.


  • Lots of operational options available on the remote
  • You get a number of ways to customize the use, so all members of the family can adjust to suit their preferences
  • The futuristic design is a definite plus and enhances the look of your bathroom


  • The water temperature might drop slightly with elongated use, but not enough to cause discomfort

How Much Does a Bidet Toilet Combo Cost?

Before we get there, you must remember that the regular use of a bidet does also save you hundreds of dollars annually in toilet paper costs. The cost of what you buy, like most other things, is what you want it to have. You can purchase simple bidet seats at anything between $50 USD to $150 USD. If you go for non-electric toilet-bidet combos, you will have to pay anything from $250 to $600. But there are many other high-end toilet bidet combos which can cost you way beyond $600 and can comfortably go into four figures. The highest-priced combos we could spot were around $7000 apiece, but you need to decide how much you wish to spend.

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat?

You must remember that the work of a bidet begins after you have unloaded yourself. When you are done and want to use it, you need to know where the wand and nozzle are located. Depending on whether you have a standalone bidet or a handheld one or a want fitted inside the rim, your usage will differ. For a standalone bidet, you need to get off your toilet seat and straddle the bidet assembly, which is usually placed beside the bowl. The handheld one has to be manipulated correctly by you, so you can point the spray to the correct areas. For the combo toilet bidet, you will need to activate the start button on the body or on the remote, and press stop once done.

How to Clean a Bidet?

Many toilet bidet combos come with a self-cleaning mechanism. If you don’t have that kind of gadget you need to ensure proper and regular cleaning to maintain hygiene and to have an aesthetic looking toilet. You can use a water solution of vinegar or any mild detergent to clean the insides once a week. You need to clean with a similar solution under the seats as well. Most such gadgets come with an inbuilt deodorizer, and if not, then most owners place one themselves. Whichever of these is true for you, you must replace/refill it once every six months.

How to Decide Which Bidet Toilet Combo to Buy?

At a basic level, your decision would depend on the following factors:

  • Elongated or Round: You need to decide depending on the body types and comfort level of the members of the household.
  • Comfortable Height: Normally, the bidets are available in a regular height of 14.5 inches. But there’s another option of buying in comfort height, which is two inches higher. The choice, again, depends on the height of the members of the household.
  • Detached on Fixed Tanks: Bidets usually go better with two-piece toilets that have bowl and tank separate. The choice would also depend on the space in your bathroom

As we said earlier, the other choices that need to be made are about the kind of functionality needed. Some examples are heating of seats, heated water, warm air, remote control, and self-cleaning mechanism. These are just some of the features that you could choose if you are willing to pay more.

Our Recommendation

It was a tough enough job to shortlist five from so many good bidet toilet combos available. Selecting one to recommend out of those five is even more difficult. But if you push us we would go for the TOTO MS982CUMG#01. Apart from the common features, so many other useful features like built-in air purifying system, energy saver timer, and ultra-high efficient tornado flush jet flushing system are the reasons for our recommendation. Additionally, it is a beautiful bidet toilet combo that is efficient, smart looking, and very-effective.

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