Top 5 Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits


Cleaning a dryer vent is a primary need, and that is why you should make sure to purchase the best dryer vent cleaning kit for efficiency.

Keep in mind; the vent is the heart of a dryer. Any small fault may result in fires. The vent dissipates water vapor and lint from your dryer. Occasionally, it may get clocked with lint, dust, and dirt. But the best kits make dryer vent cleaning a breeze.

Did you know that when you remove lint from the dryers’ vents, it reduces the drying time?

What are Dryer vent cleaning kits?

A dryer cleaning kit is a piece of equipment that removes dirt, dust, and lint from vents of dryers. The tools vary in appearance, depending on the manufacturer. Nonetheless, they feature lint and auger brush, for removing lint, and an attachment rod.

The rods are long enough to reach the depths of your vent. Additionally, you can connect these cleaners to your vacuum if you need powerful cleaning.

How do Dryer vent cleaning kits work?

Dryer vent cleaning kits come with a rod and a variety of brushes (depends on manufacture). Still, they come with a vacuum and vent adapters for effective cleaning.

The rods are extendible, or they come in 3or 4 parts. Join these parts to get a longer rod. At one end of the rod, attach the brush. The brush is flexible; thus, it grabs any lint as passes on the inner walls of the vent.

You can also connect them to a vacuum cleaner. Combining the two gives an effective cleaning.

What are the factors to be considered before buying?

If you own a dryer, you must clean it. It is easy if you have the right cleaning kit. That is why we tell you the factors that you should consider before you buy a Dryer vent cleaner kit. Take a look:

  • The rods: the rods determine how far you can go into the vent. Sometimes these vents aren’t installed straight, i.e., they may curve. In this case, you’ll need a rood that is flexible to reach every part. Again, the rod must cover the entire length of the vent. Most manufacturers sell 12 feet long rods. But they come in 3 or 4 pieces of equal length.
  • Type and number of Brushes: the majority of sellers offer two different kinds of brushes. This is sufficient to give a thorough cleaning. However, some manufacturers incorporate more brushes, which is better.
  • Vacuum attachment: a cleaning kit for a dryer with a vacuum attachment is worth your dime. With a vacuum cleaner connection, you get a better and quicker cleaning experience.
  • Price: it is always good to work with a budget, but then again, you need to get value for money. The price range is quite wide. Have a budget in mind, and everything will fall into place.
  • Accessories: the number of accessories varies with brands. Notably, some dryer vent cleaning kits may lack some essential accessories such as a vacuum attachment or connector rods. This makes cleaning less effective.
  • The adaptability of the attachments: for some kits, their parts can be used to clean other equipment like fridges

How much do they typically cost?

The prices of the dryer vent cleaning kits vary depending on numerous factors, including the quality of material and number of parts and how adaptable these parts are. On average, you can spend $20. Keep in mind that some, costs lower than this amount while others cost higher.

What’s you’ll find fair is, buying your kit is much cheaper than hiring someone to do the job. You may pay between $99 and $168 for professional cleaning services. Alternatively, you can hire a plumber who would charge you between $45 and $200 per hour.

How do you use a Dryer vent cleaning kit?

Cleaning your dryer vent is easy with the right set of kits. You must ensure that you remove all the lint within the vent.

Before you start cleaning, ensure that you detach the dryer from the power source. The vent is usually located on the backside. Ensure that you have clear access to the vent.

The kit, essentially, has a brush and connecting rods. Join the rods to span the length of the vent tube. The rods total up to 12 feet, which is sufficient.

Brush the inside of the vent gently but thoroughly. However, you’ll need to pose to clean the brush periodically. Cleaning can be manual, or you can use an adapter. Using an adapter is powerful enough to spin the brush with decent speed and power.

Comparison of the Top 5

Gardus 10-Piece

If you need to clean your dryer vent thoroughly, then the Gardus RLE202 should be your first option. The Auger Brush packs a superior and unique design allowing for both air and loose lint o pass through the bristles for easy lint removal. Bristles are durable too.

The self-feeding Auger Brush and flexible rods rotate to scour the interior of the vent surface. What’s impressive is that it smoothly navigates the multiple twists, which are common in exhaust vents.

One flexible rod with the lint brush reaches up to 42 inches. This is enough length to reach the bottom of the lint trap.  The bendable design of the brush head makes it possible to pass it through the tight spaces. You can use it both for both top and door-mounted lint traps.

For more information check the video below.

Other strong points are:

  • Durable brush filaments
  • Comes with blockage removal tool
  • 12 Foot Extension Rod Kit
  • Optional LintCatcher


  • Multiple accessories for better cleaning – 10 piece set
  • Includes a vacuum adapter offering more powerful and quicker cleaning
  • The four flexible rods make it easier to reach all parts
  • Rigid but flexible rod for more natural cleaning


  • Set the drill clutch to a power not exceeding half the maximum setting; else, the rod may break from too much torque


Dryer Cleaning Kit – Generic Coil Brush.

This cleaner is another flexible but study equipment that makes your cleaning very enjoyable. You can hook it up to either a vacuum or wet dry vac.

Because vacuum cleaners are different, this tool one flexible 24-inch crevice tool cleaner with 3 adapters. Additionally, it comes with one long 28-inch lint remover brush. The brush is useful in scrubbing the lint off the lint trap.

You can connect the 3 adapters to connect other attachments to your vacuum hose. Typically, these adapters fit into each other to create multiple connections. But what’s admirable is that you can use the crevice tool without adapters.


  • Functional, flexible hose and wire brushes
  • The tube fits in multiple types of vacuums thanks to the adapters


  • The kit does not fit Dyson

General Electric Appliance Brush Set, Refrigerator

This General Electric brush can also clean your refrigerator apart from your dryer. It features a refrigerator coil brush, whose design can get dust and dirt out of hard to reach places when using a vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, the lint brush can get lint build-up from your dryer’s vent ducts easily. The flexible shaft of the brush allows this as it conforms to the beds of the vent.

If you appreciate, wooden handles, then both the brushes have wooden handles. They are durable, lightweight, and safe. Besides, their design allows you to hang them for easy access.


  • The flexibility of the brash makes it work efficiently
  • You get two brushes for a thorough cleaning
  • Affordable


  • The brush might be too big for certain types of fridge grill
  • Few accessories

Mr. Clean Appliance Vent Brush

This vent brush from Mr. Clean is small-sized, but a sure way of cleaning multiple tools and surfaces in your home.

It removes the lint in your dryers vent and tackles the dust and dirt in small, and hard to reach surfaces like air conditioners, ceiling fans, and radiator vents.

The wire is flexible, making it easy to reach almost every surface. Remember, it is just a single brush and very easy to use. Just fit one end into the vent of your dryer get rid of the lint.


  • It has a nice and easy to hold the handle
  • The flexibility of the brush allows reaching hard-to-reach surfaces
  • You can put the brush to multiple uses


  • The wire bends too much
  • Lacks vacuum adapter

BoxLegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit 

BoxLegend dryer vent cleaner kit can reach where other dryer vent cleaner cant, thanks to its over 85cm long hose. Therefore, it is the best dryer vent cleaning kit you can buy. It can clean hard to reach appliance places, specifically the backside.

The kit has an interface diameter of between 30mm and 62mm, which means you can connect it to multiple other products without the need for converters.

Whether you want heavy-duty cleaning or just a simple cleaning exercise, you can easily select from the 3 suction control settings.


  • Installation and using is straightforward
  • It’s powerful for all forms of cleaning


  • Makes a clumsy attachment with the Dyson

Bottom line

You must clean your dryers vent – no debate amount. If you don’t, prepare for a fire hazard, plus a poor performance from the dryer. The best dryer vent cleaning kits make it easier to clean.

That’s we have sampled the top-rated products juts for you. Getting one of them guarantees you an effective dryer and safety while using them.