Top 5 Bean Bags


Bean bags have always become popular year after year. Apart from complementing furniture, bean bags are purchased because they offer comfort while relaxing. While you look up at them in online shopping sites, you would come across many bean bags that boast different sizes and colors. Besides, when you deck up your living room to exude your own style, you can think about placing the bean bags at different corners. So, before you think about ways to pep up style, you could go through many things to buy a bean bag.

What are bean bags?

Bean bags are nothing but bags that are filled with an adequate quantity of dried beans. As time rolled by, these bags were considered to be pieces of furniture. ‘Sacco’ was the first bean bag originally made by keeping the shape of a pear in mind. Such kinds of bags are packed with Styrofoam beans and continue to exist even today. Interestingly, you would also observe small-size bean bags meant for infants suffering from colic or flat head syndrome.

What are bean bags made of?

Most of the time, the bean bags are filled with dried beans and the quantity is determined by overall aesthetics. Moreover, you would also come across bags which are filled with PVC pellets or tiny pieces of polypropylene. On the other hand, the material of the bag is corduroy, suede, leather, or fake fur. Regardless of the size, bean bags are properly sealed with a zip to prevent spillage of dried beans.

What should you consider before buying a bean bag?

When you’re not able to choose a bean bag, here’s what you need to consider before purchasing the bag.

1. Size and space:

Before you purchase a bean bag, you should think for whom you would be purchasing the bag. You should also observe the size in case you’re wondering where you could place the bag in the living room. You may also check whether you can customize the bag depending on the decor theme of the house.

2. Material:

Different materials are used to make trendy bean bags. It is worth buying bean bags with leather or denim as the outer cover. In case you choose a Vinyl bean bag, you may feel uncomfortable as you relax for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you could buy a recycled polystyrene bean bag that shrinks less than other designs.

3. Quality:

Once you have chosen the desired shape, you should check for the bean bag’s quality. You should also observe the quantity of the dried beans to ensure that it’s fluffy. Apart from the numerous features, you should also be aware of whether the bean bag is waterproof. Way ahead, you should check the zip closure and observe it closely for loose stitches. Ultimately, you should look for bags that are washable and easier to maintain.

4. Design:

Depending on the purpose, the design is one of the aspects you should consider before purchasing the bag. Normally, you would find many pear-shaped bags at the local outlets. However, you would come across a teardrop bean bag which gives you comfort while you are relaxing and enjoying music.

5. Warranty:

Before you buy the bag, it’s better to check with the shop owner if the warranty covers for damages, replacement, and maintenance. Understanding the terms of warranty can help you save money when the bean bag loses its structure.

What is the typical cost?

The cost of a bean bag usually depends on the size and shape. If you go for a bean bag which is already filled with dried beans, then the price would be on the higher side. On the contrary, in case the filling comprises polystyrene beads, then the price is slightly less than you had ever thought about. In the case the bean bag is coated with PVC, it may be a bit expensive. You can think about purchasing a bean bag at a discounted price if you are shopping online.

Comparison of the Top 5 Bean Bags

1. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair Giant 8′

bean bag giant

This chill sack bean bag is ideal whenever your children or family members need to relax. Since the bean bag is packed with shredded foam, it offers comfort to the maximum extent. The best thing about this bean bag is that the outer covering can be washed and maintained with ease. With regards to the dimensions, these bean bags measure 96 x 96 x 94 inches.


  • The bean bag comes with a stain-resistant and washable cover.
  • The bean bag is quite durable due to double stitches.
  • Since the bag is 8 inches wide, it can be an alternative to a couch.


  • The bean bag may get heated when used for a long time span.

Summary of customer reviews:

According to a buyer, the foam wasn’t sufficient to make the bean bag look much bigger. A user also stated that the bean bag sank to the floor when two or more individuals sat on the bag. The bean bag had an outer covering made from synthetic microsuede which wasn’t durable. But, in case of a small size bag, the buyer had to constantly roll and fluff the bean bag.

2. Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

bean bag giant blue

This bean bag chair is made of SmartMax fabric which is waterproof and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. While you use the bean bag when you’re busy with indoor activities, you can keep books, your cell phone, and many small things in the side pockets. Moreover, since the bean bag chair has two zip closures and double stitched covers, it is quite durable.


  • The bean bag has side pockets to keep your belongings.
  • The bean bag is designed from stain-resistant and waterproof
  • These are light in weight and can be carried to any location.


  • As the bag resembles a piece of furniture with hand support both sides, it blocks some space.

Summary of customer reviews:

A buyer stated that when he opened the package, he found the bean bag to be flat and not fluffy as per his expectations. In order to retain the shape, one of the users mentioned about refilling the bag with a sufficient quantity of pellets. But, according to a customer, the bean bag was suitable for children and its material was durable. He thought that it was worth buying the bean bag chair because it had pockets for keeping small things and a plastic bottle.

3. Fatboy Original n Roll Bean Bag Rocking Chair,

bean bag

If you wish to recline on an armchair all the time, then this bean bag is designed just for you. When you simply need to relax, you can transform the rocking chair into an ordinary chair through rock blockers. Once the bean bag chair is delivered at your doorstep, you assemble or disassemble it with ease. You really don’t have to worry about the outer covering because it’s made of nylon.


  • The bean bag chair is easier to assemble or disassemble
  • The bag can be cleaned using a mild soap and a moist cloth.
  • You can expect great comfort due to the EPS beads.


  • Due to its weight, you wouldn’t find it easy to shift the rocking chair.

Summary of customer reviews:

As we browsed online, we didn’t come across any customer reviews. But, when we carried out a research, we found that buyers will be happy with the way they can use the rocking bean bag chair. It may take a lot of time to wash the outer covering of the bean bag. But, regardless of anybody’s weight, the rocking chair is not prone to any cracks. On the whole, customers will be happy with the comfort the bean chair offers when they will spend time watching television.

4. Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa

bean bag large

When you want to have a marvelous time with your family members, you can think about relaxing on this giant bean sofa. With the width measuring 7 feet, the bean bag can accommodate up to three individuals. Moreover, the denim outer covering is washable and features a zip closure. As the bean bag measures 86-inch x 47-inch x 36-inch, you can keep it anywhere inside the living room.


  • The outer covering is removable and can be washed using a washing machine.
  • The sofa is quite big and is filled with polyurethane foam.
  • The zip closure keeps the filling intact when it’s to remove and clean the cover.


  • The sofa may not be ideal for a house which is quite small.

Summary of customer reviews:

According to a buyer, this bean bag was a great alternative for a full-size bed. In fact, the user was happy with the fact that he didn’t have to spend money buying a few bedsheets. But, since the bean bag is large in size, a user stated that he couldn’t accommodate the bag inside his living room. Besides, a buyer also stated that the outer covering is quite sturdy but it may smell due to chemicals. So, to get rid of the smell, the buyer had to get the outer covering washed through one of the experts at the laundry.

5. Fatboy Original Bean Bag Chair

bean bag big blue

Ideal for relaxing, this bean bag chair offers comfort owing to the polystyrene beads filling. Since it closely resembles a soft pillow, you can use the bean bag while watching television, reading books, or relaxing for some time. As you plan to place an order online, you can choose from an array of colorful bean bags. As for the cover, it is made of water-resistant and stain-resistant nylon.


  • The bean bag offers ample space because it is 70 inches long.
  • The nylon fabric is not susceptible to damages at any point of time.
  • The bean bag can be used by kids and adults.


  • You may find it tough to carry when you relocate to another home.

Summary of customer reviews:

Buyers were happy with the bean bag because it served as a bed for their pets. A user was delighted to bring home the bean bag and he didn’t worry much because the bag offered comfort and was quite durable in nature. At the same time, the user also found out that the bean bag was lightweight and easier to carry. But, one of the customers was disappointed with the design because the bean bag was bound to explode at some point of time.


When you’re confused about what you need to buy for your home, you should seek suggestions from your companions. If you have some extra money to splurge on bean bags, then think about buying a large size bag. But, while you are striving to maintain the living room, you should be able to sustain the weight of the bean bag and keep it at any location. You should also observe the texture of the outer covering so that you wouldn’t regret what you have bought home.