Top 5 2B Cosplay Costumes Review


From childhood, many of us have loved characters from movies, comic books, anime, games, and manga. It has always been a dream to know what it feels like to be these characters. This gave birth to costume play or cosplay as it fulfils this wish to a large extent.

If you are a cosplayer, you will agree that shopping for costumes is stressful. You need to get the right blend of all attires for a perfect look. If you fall into this category when it comes to shopping for the best 2B cosplay costume, we have some ideas to help you. We have combed the web to find a list of the best 2B cosplay costumes. You can also find a guide below on how to shop for them.

What is 2B Cosplay and how did it become popular?

2B cosplay is a performance art where participants wear costumes as well as fashion accessories to represent all their favorite characters from Nier: Automata RPG.

The game was released sometime in 2017 and its Androids 2B and 9S were received well by fans. This is probably because of its appearance in popular titles like Final Fantasy XIV and Soul Calibur. The game is split into 3 chapters with each having a different protagonist as well as the ending. In the first part, YoRHa No.2 Model B is the protagonist and that is where 2B came from.

It became popular as cosplaying becomes more mainstream. Today, there are comic conventions that support cosplay and it is more than just a hobby. People from different walks of life have been united by simple fun cosplaying offers.

In the past, many cosplayers had to be creative to make their costumes. Now, it is a lot easier to source it from manufacturers. Some cosplayers still make their own costumes by hand.

An example of 2B Cosplay

2B cosplay is a lot similar to anime. However, to get the perfect look you need a 2B black gothic dress with thigh high stockings, short silvery wig, and thigh-high boots. The stockings and boot must be black while the costume requires white colored long gloves. For this, 18 inches will do and you’ll also need an unsharpened Katana sword as that has a white nylon handle.

If you love DIY, you can also make your own 2B costume but this would time investing both time, money, and energy. When you get the full costume from a store, you will be entitled to a full range of accessories as well as weapons that make them look authentic. This way, you can pull off the look with ease.

A 2B cosplay should look like the picture below:


How to select a 2B Cosplay costume

Here are some tips to select your 2B cosplay:

Get the full look

The Nier Automata outfit comes fully fitted with a dress, gloves, hair bands, eyeshade/blinder, stockings as well as underpants. Some online stores sell the shoes separately and allow buyers to purchase them as well for a complete look. The hair color is mainly silvery white with gray blue eye color, a silver colored wig may do the trick. You can also use matching contact lenses to get a perfect match.


The sizes of the 2B cosplay costumes differ, so be sure to check. They come in S, M, L, XL, and other sellers offer larger sizes like XXL and XXXL with XS. The material also matters when choosing a costume. The common choices are suede and polyester. Polyester may be roomier, while suede is fitted. So you can choose any of the options that suit your taste.

Color schemes

2B cosplay costumes usually come in black color since it is the original color scheme of the character. However, a thorough search of various sellers and online stores will get you some color variations. You can get red and black. Often, the black colored costume is the most expensive of all the color schemes.


Another important factor to consider is the price. This is because the price of each outfit varies based on the seller. Also, the location for shipping determines the cost to an extent. Ensure that you check the online stores and their location to find the best deal for your costume. In other circumstances where you order for wigs and heels, it will be cheaper to check if the seller offers bundle prices. You could get it at discounted prices.

Comparison of the Top 5 2B Cosplay costumes

Miccostumes Women’s Type B Cosplay Costume

This leotard skin costume is made with suede and elastic PU leather. It comes with a full set containing a leotard, skirt, leather stocking, silky stockings, gloves, blindfold, and headband. The quality is excellent and it is stretchy to give comfort to the wearer. The detailing is also impressive to mimic the original design. It has a white crotch and black top that protect the wearer from exposure. The small zipper on the side also makes it easier to put on.


  • Soft suede which is also stretchy
  • The embroidery is excellent
  • Comes with a see-through eye patch
  • True to size


  • Gloves do not fit

Customer reviews

Most customers love the costume. One of them stated that the costume is ordinarily difficult to wear but the zip on the neck side makes this easier. The comfort of the dress was one thing many customers agreed on. The soft leather was also noted as an excellent feature.

Costumes Kimono for 2B Cosplay Cosplay Custom

This Kimono set comes with gloves, waist decorations, socks, and an eye patch. If you are interested in the 9S package, you can also order for the kimono, necklace, eyepatch, and gloves. The best part of this product is that it can be custom made to fit your size. This means you will have to send your measurements in inches or centimetres. You can expect them to be shipped after 5-8 working days.


  • Comes in two varieties for 2B and 9S
  • All costumes are custom made
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Affordable design


  • The quality of the accessories are below par

Customer reviews

Many customers loved this kimono set because of its unique materials. For all of them, the fitting was not a problem. It was a perfect fit. One customer loved the 2B cosplay set but complained that the accessories such as the hand gloves are not made from special materials like the kimono. Overall, the ratings for this costume is excellent.

Miccostumes Women’s White Two-Piece Dress  2B

This 2B two-piece costume is made of suede, and elastic PU leather to make it stretchy. It comes with a skirt, leotard, leather stockings, gloves, silky stockings, blindfold, and headband with a bow. The cosplay wig doesn’t come in this set so you will have to purchase it separately. It also has a small zipper on the neck to make it easier to wear the dress.


  • Sizing is accurate
  • Material is soft and the dress is comfortable
  • The set comes complete without wig and shoes
  • Prevents accidental exposure


  • The blindfold is too transparent

Customer reviews

This 2B cosplay has a few reviews and most are positive. One customer commended its great quality and soft material. They commented on its stretchiness so if you get a costume, you can wear it with ease.


Telacos NieR: Automata 2B Boots 

This 2B costume boot is made with pleather or artificial leather. It is a custom made boot so you can choose the color, and even change the style. Be sure to send your shoe measurement not leaving out the foot length and boot height. The shoe heel is lower when it is a large sized foot from US 12.


  • Custom made shoes
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Available in so many sizes


  • It is made of pleather

Customer reviews

Customers loved this boot because of its great quality and fitting. However, one person complain that it was not a proper fit. Overall, it is a comfortable boot.

CLLMKL Women’s Dress Costumes Kimono 2B 


This kimono costume is made with uniform cotton. The set contains a skirt and belt. It is also custom made to fit every person uniquely so you will need to send in your measurements.


  • Accurate sizing
  • High quality material
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Comes with extra material


  • Slightly expensive

Customer reviews

There have not been any customer reviews yet. When some are added, we will update it here.


If you are a cosplayer, a 2B cosplay costume should be in your collection. With this costume, you can nail the look with ease. Before picking one online, be sure to check the size, color, and price. If it fits your need, then go for it.