Top 10 Rage of Bahamut tips


Rage of Bahamut has emerged as a highly captivating card battling game. The game has become even more attractive by offering its availability to players on mobile devices. And, the presence of a dragon, warriors, and vampire will certainly intrigue players. Many players love to take these cards in the battle. You will come across a laundry list of cards to establish and win a battle. When you head into a clash, you can form together with a game-winning deck. Developing stats of your cards will be some of the things you may require to do in Rage of Bahamut.

Let’s check the top 10 Rage of Bahamut tips here:

1. Acquire cards:

You need to obtain cards to grow and level up your deck and secure Treasures via Questing. Now finalize Quests to pursue storyline and study the empire of the Rage of Bahamut. When you begin to Quest from the beginning, players can obtain Rupies, get familiar with points, new characters cards, and Treasures.

2. Build your deck:

Now you can breed your deck by way of evolving and enhancing cards. When you begin to amass cards via Quests and Card Packs, you must strive to evolve and enhance the cards to boost capacities.

3. War with rivals:

In case players hit other players, winners will be able to claim Rupies or Treasures. Additionally, verify against other players’ level, defense, and cards when inviting someone else to a war.

4. Additional cards for enhancing:

You must try to amass plenty of additional cards. It will help them to be used for enhancing. You can amass extra cards by Quests, Card Packs, and Friendship.

5. Emphasize on the battle:

You must concentrate on building a deck that makes optimum use of the similar attribute. For man, god, demon decks, you must use the correct attribute cards to improve your card’s abilities. Players should use cards that can boost the skills of their Demon cards.

6. Evolve cards:

As players evolve, the card that has been evolved will surge by a specific percentage of the evolution card. Maximum cards will contain 4 stages of evolution. However, some cards will have more. Every time a card is evolved, its stats and capacities will rise along with cards’ rarity.

7. Evolution Max:

Players can decide to evolve a card at its highest evolution, and then boost it.

8. Dual Enhance:

When players select two sets of similar character cards and evolve it with many cards. When it is improved to its highest capacity, players can evolve the two final cards to establish a strong card.

9. Multi Enhance:

It is similar to dual enhance. However, this time players need to form four maximum enhanced cards and then evolve them to build an ultimate card.

10. Devil Reina:

Players can acquire Devil Reina in special restricted time events. Players will also be able to enhance the probability of skill enhancement. Skill cards can get their skills enhanced by using additional cards. However, the chances of this occurrence may be slim. Players may use several rare cards at a similar time. It will enhance the probability.

Top 5 Rage of Bahamut Toys Reviewed

We have reviewed some of the best Bahamut toys in a bid to make the selection easier for you. Below are the top 5 Rage of Bahamut toys that you can buy online:

1. Kotobukiya Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia ANI Statue

Olivia is designed and created in such a way that it will certainly leave the fans excited with sheer joy. It is based on the artwork from the renowned online card battle game Rage of Bahamut. It has been sculpted stunningly and managed to impress score of players. Olivia is 29 cm tall and can spread her wings and hold her sword firmly.


  • Olivia is beautifully detailed
  • Offers sophisticated detailing in feathers and crystals
  • It is equipped with a display base
  • The figure offers great quality


  • Customers may find it pricey

Summary of customer comments:

Users found the details of the figure quite exquisite. A buyer found the sly smile of the figure most pleasing. Another fan loved the armor and the excellent eyes of the figure. Some users were awe-struck by the astounding color variation of the wings. However, some users advised to remain careful with the wings as they are a little complicated to get in.

2. Good Smile Rage of Bahamut: Cerberus PVC Figure (1:7 Scale)

Image Link –

The popular Demon-type character Cerberus has now been carved into a beautiful figure. The breath-taking figure contains innocent expression and a stunningly carved body that can leave anyone impressed. The figure flaunts a beautiful purple color outfit. It promises to please the fans of Cerberus. The figure is immaculately designed and everything is perfectly carved that will surely please the fans.


  • The gradient of her hair is beautifully fine-tuned
  • Available in attractive body shape
  • It has also been adorned by golden ornaments
  • The price range is quite reasonable
  • The figure is sturdy


  • Some users complained that the packaging of the figure is not pleasing

Summary of customer comments:

Some users found the figure to be absolutely attractive and did not come across any issues while setting it up. What appealed the users most is the outfit’s color of Cerberus and individually wrapped hair for added protection. A large number of users found the figure awesome. Only one user got disappointed with the details of the figure. The price of the figure did not disappoint buyers and they found it reasonably priced. Most of the users have given the figure a 5-star rating.

3. WizKids D&D Icons of The Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set

The creatures box showcases uniquely created nine re-imagined monsters. The Dungeons & Dragons first edition Monster Manual provides you 4 big and two-headed classic Demogorgon along with other hypnotizing adventurers. These miniatures will introduce you to the world of the Forgotten Realms. The figures will include Demogorgon, Orc, Troll, Purple Worm, Ogre, Orc Archer, Sahuagin Mystic, Owlbear, and Sahuagin. Additionally, the gigantic purple worm will leave you intrigued.


  • It offers nine re-imagined iconic monsters
  • The gigantic purple worm will leave you intrigued
  • The miniatures are beautifully carved from robust and long-lasting material
  • The color of the miniatures is quite attractive
  • The miniatures are quite long-lasting


  • Orcs and Sahugin are way too small

Summary of customer comments:

Users are highly content with this amazing set of miniatures. They were able to add the Purple Worm and Bugbear to their miniature collection. Some buyers found the depiction appealing. Some users called the miniatures to be sturdy and attractive. They are quite happy with the packaging as well and did not come across any woes with the painting.

4. Rage of Bahamut: Forte 1/8 Scale Ani-Statue by Kotobukiya

The beautiful figure promises to leave its fans impressed and attracted. The stunningly carved body shape and beautiful eyes will leave you thoroughly happy. The figure has donned a black mini-dress. It has beautiful long brown tresses. It comes equipped with a display base.


  • The figure and base have been combined together
  • It weighs a little over 1.30 pounds
  • The figure is adorned with a beautiful necklace
  • It is available at an economical price range
  • The figure offers considerable durability


  • Some parts of the figure are fragile and you need to be extra careful

Summary of customer comments:

Users liked the figure even more than what it appears in the picture. Some users liked it so much that they went on to call it a masterpiece. The figure has emerged as the muse of many buyers and they loved its armor and beautiful hair. There is only a minor flaw with the figure that is one of the pouches fell off. So users need to be careful while handling this part of the figure. The rest of the things are perfectly immaculate, said another user.

5. Kotobukiya Rage of Bahamut: Forte ANI-Statue

The figure offers captivating 3D representation to its fans. The stunning ANI Statue is based on character artwork. The 1/8 scale sculpt has managed to bring the artwork to life only to leave the fans enchanted. It offers a highly detailed artwork and you can use it for years sans any hassle.


  • The figure offers attractive clothing, armor, and weapons
  • It offers stunning 3D representation
  • The weight of the figure is 1.5 pounds
  • Ideal for figure collectors


  • Not ideal for small children

Summary of customer comments:

Some users called the statue to be fantastic and ideal for figure collectors. Users said the figure is beautifully and intricately crafted. The figure is detailed and offers great quality, claimed another user. One user commented that he found the box seal missing but he got the replacement order without any inconvenience.


The above five figures and miniatures will certainly leave you impressed. They will offer you great durability and quality. The figures and miniatures are stunningly crafted and did not miss any detail. It is worth mentioning that nearly all figures and miniatures have great customer reviews too.