Pennywise Costume Guide: How to dress like Pennywise for Halloween and Cosplay

Pennywise Costume Guide: How to dress like Pennywise for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Pennywise Costume and Cosplay Guide 

About Pennywise

Pennywise is the ill-famed character in “It” – a horror novel by Stephen King. Pennywise is popularly known as the Dancing Clown. The clown persona of Pennywise is just a disguise that he uses to attract and devour little kids. Killing adults is also not an issue for him. However, he limits his victims to just kids because their fears are easier and simpler to visualize.

Pennywise lives in the little town of Derry, and he came in like an asteroid in prehistoric times. He goes to sleep for a very long time and wakes up about every thirty years. When he wakes up, it would stay awake for a period of two years devouring children. He even enjoys scaring and terrorizing children before devouring them, as their fear makes them more delicious.

According to the storyline, Pennywise was in existence before the creation of the universe, and he existed in a dimension known as “Macroverse.” An orange light is his real form. They also refer to it as “Dead Lights,” because anyone that sees it dies instantly.

People are not even aware that he exists in the town, and this makes it impossible to report a crime that he commits. He eventually gets away with all the crimes he commits. However, a group of friends, who had an encounter with him when they were small, came back to the town 30 years later to stand up to him.

About Pennywise Cosplay Costumes

The costume of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is increasingly becoming popular. Many have opted for this costume for a variety of occasions, such as Halloween, cosplay parties, carnivals, and more. However, while putting on the costume, you might still need to put in extra work to really be like this character. Pennywise has a completely terrifying voice and expression. Hence, pulling off the voice and character of Pennywise from this horror movie might require some severe skill.

However, the costume is fun to wear and you can take it up a notch by being creative with it. You and your friends can team up to make the scariest group cosplay in your neighborhood. Your friends can wear the costumes of other top horror movie characters such as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, Chucky, Michael Myers, as well as the Nun from “The Conjuring.”

By putting on the Pennywise costume, you too can exploit the fears of others. His costume consists of different accessories, including a pair of gloves, black clown shoes, multi-colored balloons, a balloon ribbon spool, a pennywise jumpsuit, as well as white makeup to give you that complete look. You would also need a Disposable Helium Tank that you can use to blow up your balloons whenever you want. You can also decide to opt for a mask if you do not want to go through the hassle of painting your face and washing it out afterward. Pennywise also has a unique hairstyle and color, which means you need a wig to complete the costume.

Pennywise Costume Guide

1. Rubie’s Men’s IT Movie Chapter 2 Pennywise Grand Heritage Costume

    If you are looking for a complete, original Pennywise costume, then this is the right costume for you. This is a complete Pennywise costume, as it comes with all the basic accessories you need to look the part. The costume is made with 100 percent polyester and it is highly breathable. It is designed for adults, and the package includes the grand heritage pennywise costume top with an attached belt, a neck collar, matching pants, as well as a mask with hair. This costume features super-rich colors, superior construction, and more luxurious fabrics. It is available in different sizes, ranging from x-small to xx-large. The Costume features pull on closure and it is hand wash. It comes with a mask that is designed like the face of the character, and this saves you the hassle of doing a manual painting.

    2. Rubie’s Men’s IT Movie Chapter 2 Adult Pennywise Deluxe Costume

      This is another fascinating pennywise costume that is designed for adults. It is from a brand that is officially license, and this means you are getting an original costume. The costumes are also safety-tested and authentic. The package includes a top with an attached belt, a mask that is designed like the original character’s face, as well as a neck collar. It is also available in different sizes. The costume is made with 100 percent polyesters and it is durable. The only thing you need to purchase to complete your costume is a pair of boots. You might also need to purchase the pants separately.

      3. Rubie’s IT The Movie Adult Pennywise Deluxe Costume, Standard


      If you want the Pennywise costume that is a little bit friendly, this is a great option to consider. This pennywise costume is made of polyester. You can get it in x-small, x-large, and standard sizes. It also comes with a Pennywise character mask with attached red hair. You can use the costume on different occasions, including daily wears, haunted houses, Halloween, parades, trick or treat, movie nights, and more. It comes with everything except a pair of shoes and balloons.

      4. Women’s Deluxe Pennywise Costume


      This Pennywise costume is designed for the ladies, and it features an amazing design and style. Rubies also made this costume with 100 percent polyester and it boosts of great durability. The costume is hand washable and it features a pull-on closure. The package of this costume includes a top with two red pom-poms attached to it. The top also has a side zip closure. It also comes with a metallic puffed skirt with an elastic waist, ruffled neck collar, printed boot stops, and sleevelettes. The package lacks a wig, which means you have to purchase it separately. You can rock the printed boot tops without investing in boots. You can get them in small, medium, and large sizes.

      5. SUIT YOURSELF IT Pennywise Costume for Women


      This stylish Pennywise costume is designed for women. It comes with the most basic accessories you need to look the part. The package includes a gray dress with red details, an Elizabethan-style collar, and matching leg warmers. What is left to complete your pennywise look is a pair of shoes and makeup, which are not included in the purchase. The costume is great for masquerade parties, adult Halloween, group cosplay, and many more. For a horrifically great time, you can pair this costume with Georgie and a red balloon. It is moderately-priced and you can get it in different colors.

      6. Pennywise Stephen King’s IT Latex Mask Horror Clown Eyes Light Up Halloween


        This is a pretty scary pennywise mask that you can use to compliment your pennywise costume. The mask is made with eco-friendly latex, and the latex looks very real. It also has the unique hairstyle of the character attached to the mask. The mask also glows red light, as we mentioned earlier, and this makes it look more scary and real. It uses two CR2032 batteries, which you have to purchase separately. The mask is great for parades, masquerade parties, Easter, Christmas, Stage performances, carnivals, costume parties, and more. It is useful in a variety of events besides Halloween.

        7. Morbid Enterprises Pennywise Gloves


          This pair of Morbid Enterprise Pennywise Gloves are designed to complete your pennywise costume. Your costume would be missing a whole lot without these accessories. They are made with 100 percent fiber and they are hand wash. The gloves look exactly like the hands of the character, and they are pretty scary too. These latex gloves are one size fits most. Your hands would not feel sweaty or any form of discomfort in the gloves, even when you wear them all night.

          8. Karley Short Fluffy Brown Curly Horror Pennywise Wig Halloween Cosplay Wig


            This wig comes with the traditional color of Pennywise’s hair – Brown. The wig is curly and short, and it is made with synthetic. The size is also adjustable, and it can fit different head sizes. It is a high-quality wig that is made with premium quality, high-temperature synthetic fiber. The material used to make the wig also makes it ideal for long-term use. It is great for concerts, Halloween, dating, theme parties, and more. It is also pretty cheap, and it is one of the most important pieces of a Pennywise costume.

            Pennywise Costume Cosplay DIY Guide

            To look the part of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, you need to put on the Pennywise Costume. You can put together the pieces to get the perfect, yet scary Pennywise look.

            1. To get started, you need to put on the Pennywise costume with some White Makeup.

            2. You also need a pair of Black Clown Shoes, which you would have to compliment with Pennywise Gloves.

            3. That is not all; you still need a few multi-colored balloons with a balloon ribbon spool to hold them together.

            4. The last thing you need is a Disposable Helium Tank that you can use to blow up your balloons whenever you want.

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