Coraline Costume Guide: How to dress like Coraline for Halloween and Cosplay

Coraline Costume Guide: How to dress like Coraline for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Coraline Costume and Cosplay Guide


About Coraline

Coraline is a 2009 dark fantasy film and an adaptation of Caroline, the novel by Neil Gaiman. The stop motion film is voiced by Dakota Fanning. Caroline moves across the country as her family relocates to a run-down apartment building. Here she finds a mysterious small door in her apartment leading to a parallel world. This realm mirrors the real world but is a lot better than what she is used to. The little girl is happy to stay there until her other mother plots to keep her there forever.

Coraline was unhappy about her family’s sudden move that she had no control over. Her parents were also considered self-absorbed and rarely spent time with her because they were always busy with work. The building the family moved to was weirder than usual and had some other notable inhabitants such as Mr. Bobinsky, the Russian mouse-circus ring master, and Miss Forcible and Miss Spink, two bickering actresses who are way past their prime. All she wanted was some attention from her parents until she found the other world which seemed perfect at first glance. She saw thing how she wanted them to be but quickly realized that this dream world is a perilous place.

The movie won several awards and recently achieved cult status. People of different ages relate to the stop motion film and it is easily one of the best Halloween costumes since the movie was released. It was directed by the same director from the famous “Night Before Christmas” movie. It contains vivid animation along with an incredible story. Generally, it is visually stunning with its sophisticated stop motion effects while also being entertaining as the young girl takes the audience on a journey beyond her years.

About Coraline costume

If you want to take a trip to the dark corridors of the Pink Palace, then cosplay the Caroline costume before venturing into the perfectly frightful alternate world. The trip begins in the dark realm where Caroline's family moves to Oregon. The name of the apartment – Pink Palace – is quite misleading as the place is nothing close to a palace. Caroline is left to explore her new home when her parents leave for work. She meets a black cat and another character called Wyborne Lovat and receives a doppelganger ragdoll. She enters the new dimension in an old apartment called the other world. There she meets doppelgangers of different people from her world. She is then trapped by the horrifying and sinister other mother who wants to keep her in the other world forever. Here is a guide to the Coraline costume look.

Caroline is dressed in a yellow raincoat with blue pants. She also wears rain boots with her blue hair wig. If you cosplay this costume, you'll also need a key prop, a messenger bag, and a dragonfly hair clip.

Living in this modern world, we get to see a lot of different fictional tales of characters getting whisked away to a new realm away from their troubles. It is always fun to get a taste of the adventure, even if it is for one night. Do you want to enter a new world or the other world like Coraline? If your curiosity gets the best of you like dear Coraline, this costume will be ideal for you. It is an amazing experience because after transforming, you can change back. So, don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in the other world.

Our licensed Coraline costumes will provide the missing touch to your Halloween experience. Also, you don’t need to have buttons sewn to your eyes.

Coraline Costume Guide Buy idea

1. Child Coraline Costume

The costume is a set containing a pair of boot covers, a wig, and a hooded rain jacket. If you prefer to get all items for your costume in one go, this could be a good option. The hooded rain jacket comes with a front zipper and a drawstring. Both features make it easy to wear and fit to body type. The wig also has a mesh net and elastic bands for comfort when it is worn.

Made from polyester, it is also moisture resistant. This way, the child can wear it comfortably to mimic the real experience. It is a full costume for kids. It contains a full set of all the items needed to create an excellent Coraline costume. If your little one wants to stand out while trick or treating, this costume may be a good option


2. Adult Coraline Costume

This adult costume comes with a solid vinyl raincoat made from polyester. This makes it easier to fit a wide range of body types. It doesn’t include the blue wig. It is also moisture resistant so you can wear it as you navigate the murky waters of the other side.

This adult costume also comes in a set and contains a pair of boot covers, a wig, and a hooded rain jacket. It also has a dragonfly pin. Coraline costume is never complete without a dragonfly pin, signature boot covers, hooded rain jacket and the blue wig. You can get it all at a go.

The larger-sized costume comes in two sizes for plus-sized people. The included items are a raincoat and rain boot. Regular sized costumes may not fit despite being predominantly made from polyester. This is a plus sized variant and it comes in two different sizes. It isn't a full set so you may still need to get the wig and dragonfly pin.


Coraline Cosplay DIY Guide

If you don’t want to get the full costume online, you can do a Coraline DIY costume. To do this, you will need a bright yellow raincoat, blue pants, and rain boots. The look cannot be complete without the famous blue hair wig and messenger bag. Don’t forget the key prop.

If you have plans to investigate strange worlds and pass through magical doors, ensure that you are fully kitted for the occasion. This means you must be on a raincoat to prevent the muck from getting to you. It also means that you need to wear a blue bob wig to represent the character well. Don’t forget the messenger bag to store all your treats. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get eye buttons in form of glasses


1. Fun Costumes Child Coraline Wig Standard


This blue wig is fit for young children and it comes with a mesh hairnet inside to make it comfy. It also has an elastic edge.  The hairnet also improves the fitting so it can hold on to the scalp without being too tight or too loose. The elastic edge is also important because it gives it a snug fitting.


2. Costumes Adult Coraline Wig Standard


Try out this Coraline wig if you are an adult and just want to have some in a Coraline costume.


3. Coraline's Bright Yellow Raincoat

Coraline's costume is not complete without her yellow raincoat.


4. Coraline's Blue Pants

Don't forget to complete Coraline's outfit with her trademark blue pants.


5. Coraline's Rainboots

How can you play in the muddy rain without Coraline's rainboots?


6. Messenger Bag

To complete Coraline's costume look, add this attractive Messenger bag to your outfit.


7. Coraline's keyprop

Do you remember Coraline's key from the movie? Get one today to complete the Coraline character look.