Young Joseph Joestar Costume: How to dress like Young Joseph Joestar for Halloween and Cosplay

Young Joseph Joestar Costume: How to dress like Young Joseph Joestar for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Young Joseph Joestar Costume and Cosplay Guide

About Young Joseph Joestar

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Joseph Joestar features as the main protagonist of part 2. However, in parts 3 and 4, he is an ally. Keep in mind that the series has eight protagonists, and all of them are members of the Joestar family.

In battle tendency, Joseph is tall, sturdy, and handsome. Additionally, he has lit eyes and short dark, unkempt hair, and he resembles his grandfather. Naturally, joseph is cheerful and loves pranks, and he bears the character of a confrontational man.

Joseph wins many battles since he is a skilled fighter. However, in one fight, he loses his left hand.

He begins to age in Stardust Crusaders, and by the time he is 79, he becomes senile. He loses his aggression.

About Young Joseph Joestar costume

Since Joseph is a warrior, he needs an outfit that will not deter him. Typically, his outfit is relatively minimal and pragmatic. He wears fitting pants with a leather belt, tank top cut above the navel, gloves with studs at the knuckles, and knee-high leather boots.

While in Switzerland, he wears a long, broad, striped scarf. Caesar gifts him a long, thin headband patterned with a row of tessellated triangles, which he wears.

While in Egypt, he wears a fedora hat, short-sleeved button-less shirt, dress shoe khaki pants, and white gloves with a dark wristband to conceal his prosthetic left hand. Still, he wears a trench coat and a turtleneck sweater.

You can cosplay this attire by using practical outfits. Get a green top tank and pair it with jeans and a leather belt. Then find high top boots, and a green and yellow scarf, and fingerless gloves to finish the Young Joseph Joestar’s look.

Young Joseph Joestar Costume Buy ideas

1.  Ruffneck Scarves Green and Yellow Bar Scarf

Designed from high-quality 100% acrylic, this jacquard knit scarf is one of the softest you can buy.


2.   Next Level-Men's CVC Premium Fitted Jersey Tank-6233

Designed from ring-spun cotton and polyester, this jersey tank has fitted closure. It is durable enough to withstand daily abuses.


3.  Ad Tec Men's 16" Engineer Biker Boot Black

This pair of boots are designed from full-grain oiled leather. The leather upper is soft, while the rubber sole is oil resistant. You can adjust the vamp and side using a strap.


4.   1.65" Clacker Ball Set

Want to play with the pendulum balls? The click-clack balls with the attached rope make it easier for you.


5.   Sportoli Men’s Genuine Leather Classic Stitched Uniform Dress Belt - Black Brown

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Young Joseph Joestar Cosplay DIY Guide

Throughout the anime series, Young Joseph Joestar has a distinct look. To differentiate himself from his grandfather who he resembles, he wears a bomber hat and aviator goggles.

While it may be difficult to get all the looks of Joseph across the series, there is an outfit that clearly defines Young Joseph. So you can easily cosplay him, and here we give you a few ideas.

Joseph's clothing keeps changing throughout the series. Nonetheless, you will need the following items to recreate his clothing line:

  • Tops: young Joseph wears a green top. So getting a green top tank can be a great option.
  1. Buy the Fitted Jersey Tank-6233. These are durable and comfortable top tanks.
  2. For old Joseph, a short-sleeved t-shirt will work well. For instance, Joe's USA - Men's Polo Shirt.
  • Pants: a pair of jeans recreates the Young Joseph accurately.
  1. Buy a LEE Men's Regular Fit Jean or a
  2. YOYEAH Men's Regular Fit Jeans.
  • Shoes: Young versatile Joseph wears tall boots for effective fighting.
  1. The Ad Tec Men's Biker Boot Black works perfectly to create his look.
  2. Danner Men's Flashpoint All Leather Work Boot. The upper is leather while soles are Vibram, these boots are durable, and offer superior protection to your feet.
  • Belt: any brown leather belt can play a good companion to your pants.
  1. Sportoli Men’s Genuine, and
  2. Columbia Men's Leather Belts are great options.
  • Scarves: Young Joseph wears a green and yellow striped scuff at times.
  1. You can get the Ruffneck Scarves for that look.
  • Gloves: A pair of fingerless gloves are a nice option to play Young Joseph.
  1. The best option here is the Seibertron SOLAG or
  2. FREETOO Tactical Gloves.
  • Hat: A hat is a good addition to Joseph's costume. Some episodes, Joseph wears a brown fedora. Soany brown or grey hat would the trick, for example,
  1. City Hunter Pmw91.
  • Accessories: Joseph uses sophisticated tools like the
  1. To get the vintage look, you can use the Vintage Polaroid Time-Zero SX-70 Land Camera.
  • Hair: For a hero he is, Young Joseph doesn't have kempt hair. Actually, the hair is ruffled up, but short. The series begins with brown hair/purple hair. The old Joseph has gray hair with well-trimmed beards.
  1. You can use the High Ridge High beams hairspray to give your hair a brown color. These hair sprays give instant results, and they work on all-natural shades.


To add some fun, get a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Iggy Plush.