Yoshikage Kira Costume

Yoshikage Kira Costume

Yoshikage Kira Costume to Buy

Yoshikage Kira is a manga character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He is the main antagonist in the series created by HirohikoArahi. Kira lives undetected in Morioh even though he had been a serial killer who murdered women over 15 years. His superpower is known as the Killer Queen, a pink muscular humanoid. It allows Kira to disintegrate people’s bodies to remove all traces or evidence of their death. His peaceful residence is disrupted by Reimi Sugimoto, a ghost of his first victim. The ghost appears to the Joestar group and asks them to search for Kira. Here is a look at the Yoshikage Kira costume.

About Yoshikage Kira costume

Kira is known for his light, and loosely combed back hair that always has a few strands dangling out of place. His Valentino suit and a dark tie with skull emblems stand out alongside his upright, cat-like ears. This outfit originates from his work as a salesman. He is known for his suits all through the series and wears a jacket when he gets home.

Kira adopted a different face from the original in part 4 with a ghostly body that looks like the original body. Overall, he is an average-height man with a slim to athletic build. You can cosplay this character by wearing a green striped shirt, a purple suit, a Yoshikage Kira tie, a black leather belt, monk strap shoes, and a blonde wig. 

Despite living a quiet life, Kira has a loud and eccentric style. His necktie of skulls, suit and shirt and other items give this character a flashy and sophisticated look.

Yoshikage Kira Costume Buy ideas

1.   C-ZOFEK JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Yoshikage Kira Cosplay Costume Men's Suit

Embody the egocentric and psychopathic manga character with a full set of cosplay costumes. It comes in different sizes as well.


2.   JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Kira Yoshikage Cosplay Costume Halloween Christmas Costume

For a more dramatic look, this costume offers a vivid cosplay. The suit set is loud and eccentric and contains most of the components of Kira’s look.


3.   JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Kira Yoshikage Cosplay Costume Halloween Costume

This suit has a much longer jacket and less vivid tie. However, it still works perfectly to embody the essence of Kira.


4.   JoJo Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Tie KILLER QUEEN Heavens Door Kira Yoshikage Props Japanese Anime Skull Jacquard Neck Tie

This costume is a single tie with the skull pattern. It comes in different color schemes to fit your taste.


5.   Jojo's bizarre adventure Kira yoshikage tie color 4 (purple)

This tie is a skinny tie and this makes it more stylish. However, it comes in just one color, purple.


6.   Cosnew Halloween Kira Yoshikage Party Jacket Outfits Costume-Made

You can buy this Kira costume set since it doesn’t need any extras except the wig and shoes. It also comes in a variety of sizes for comfort.


7.   3 Colors 6PCS Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Kira Yoshikage Cosplay Costume Halloween Christmas Costume Blue purple pink and wig

If you need more colors, then this set may be excellent. It has a pink, blue and purple suit set. The wig, tie, and belt also come included in the package.



Yoshikage Kira DIY

You can replicate this look at home with the purple suit, green striped shirt, black leather belt, blonde wig, Yoshikage Kira tie, and monk strap shoes. To make it more fun, you can get your friends to play other characters like JosukeHigashikata, and Joestar.