Best Waluigi Costume Guide: How to dress like Waluigi for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Waluigi Costume Guide: How to dress like Waluigi for Halloween and Cosplay

Waluigi Cosplay Costumes Guide to Buy

Waluigi is a character from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. He is the evil equivalent of Luigi and teams up with Wario, the evil alter-ego of Mario. Both evil characters work together to find new ways to destroy Luigi and Mario. The video game character was created by Fumihide Aoki. The character first made his debut in the Mario Tennis game as a playable character. As time passed, he got a larger role in the famous Super Mario Bros. Waluigi is a lot like Luigi but there are some differences in attitude and appearance. Here is the costume guide of Waluigi, the arch-nemesis of Luigi.

About Waluigi costume

Many cosplayers lean toward main characters like Mario and Luigi. So you can change things up a bit by playing the evil counterpart. The costume for Waluigi has several pieces, from the denim overalls to the gloves, and yellow buttons, but we have found them all so you won’t have to look.

You'll need a black overall, a basic long sleeve, and yellow buttons. All other cosplay items can be found easily. Waluigi does not need any help to pursue his wicked plan, but you can take it a step further and make it a group cosplay with your friends. They can play other characters from Super Mario Bros franchise like Luigi, Mario, and Wario.

Waluigi Costume Guide Buy ideas

1.   Waluigi: Flex Fit Cap

This cap is officially licensed by Nintendo and is made of good quality materials. After cosplaying, you can still use it.


2.   Adult Waluigi Costume

This costume is a full set of a jumpsuit, shirt, and cap. The jumpsuit and shirt come in blue and purple colors to match Waluigi’s costume.


Waluigi Cosplay DIY

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the full costume online, then you can make it work with clothing items within your reach. To create your own Waluigi DIY, you will need Denim Overalls, Super Mario Gloves, Yellow Buttons, a Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt. Don’t forget thePink Face Paint, a Pointed Nose, a Waluigi Kit, Elf Shoes, Self-Adhesive Removable Letters, and someElf Ears. When you get it all, the evil version of Luigi will be ready to hit the road.