Rainbow Quartz Costume Guide: How to dress like Rainbow Quartz for Halloween and Cosplay

Rainbow Quartz Costume Guide: How to dress like Rainbow Quartz for Halloween and Cosplay

 Best Rainbow Quartz Costume Guide

About Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Quartz is a character in the Cartoon series "Steven Universe." She has a colorful appearance, taking attributes from two other characters in the series – Pearl and Rose Quartz. In the episode titled "We need to talk," Rainbow Quartz made her first appearance. Pearl and Rose Quartz were performing a music video when they decided to fuse to become Rainbow Quartz. She was shown sparingly in two other episodes.

Rainbow Quartz shares the personality of both Rose and Pearl. It is expectedly so, given she is an amalgam of both of them. However, she tends to amplify the positive and negative attributes she gets. It means that she's very confident, likes to show off her abilities, and emotionally distances herself from other characters.

Rainbow Quartz has several gem abilities, but the movie reveals little about them. You can assume that she is mighty, given that part of her is Diamond. She also displays agility and Grace while executing acrobatic movements.

Later in the series, there was another version of Rainbow Quartz, known as Rainbow Quartz 2.0. She improves the previous version's personality a bit and is fun and colorful. She also wields a weapon, which is a parasol. However, Rainbow Quartz is a different amalgam of Steven Universe and Pearl.

About Rainbow Quartz Costume

You would want to make the costume as colorful as you can, as the original character was just that. Rainbow Quartz had three colors in her hair. The hair has to be of multiple colors, mainly pink and purple. You can either dye your hair in the colors or get a blonde-colored wig and add purple and pink extensions to it to achieve the look.

Rainbow Quartz had an extra pair of eyes, which the costume accounts for with makeup. You can use a face paint set to draw the faux eyes under your eyes. Also, you could stick a faux pearl on your forehead to complete Rainbow Quartz's facial costume.

The rest of the outfit includes a sleeveless leotard, a pair of leg warmers, and a blouse. The leotard should be preferably peach; however, you can use any bright color along the same spectrum. The Leg warmers are pink; you can choose to make it hot pink or dark pink.

Rainbow Quartz had a pale complexion, and you can get it by applying a bit makeup foundation. You can style it however you want, or watch tutorials on how to get the look.

Rainbow Quartz Costume and Cosplay Guide DIY Ideas

You might want to assemble your Rainbow Quartz costume piece by piece. The following items are relevant to your DIY project:

1.   Map of Beauty Beautiful Long Wavy Harajuku Style Costume Rainbow Quartz Cosplay Wig (Beige/Pink)

The wig for the costume is colorful and suitable for a Rainbow Quartz look. The color is beige/pink, which is different from the ideal purple. However, it is bright, bold, and would do fine.

The wig's material is made up of Kanekalon fiber, and it measures around 28 inches in length. Its cap underneath is adjustable for a wide range of head sizes. Overall, the wig is significantly more convenient than having to use hair dyes and extensions on your natural hair.


2.   BOHENY Women's Rainbow Quartz Sleeveless Mesh Bodysuit

The one-piece clothing is plain white, which is a decent alternative to the ideal turquoise of the original costume. It is of Rayon and Spandex, in the percentage of 95 to 5, respectively.

 The piece can stretch for extra comfortability, and also includes two buttons at the crotch area. The manufacturer makes it available in three standard sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.


3.   SHU-SHI Rainbow Quartz Women's Sheer Poncho Casual Summer Shrug Bolero Lightweight Knit Pink

The pink shrug nicely compliments the bodysuit you'd be wearing underneath it. It is of knit viscose material with enough soft look and feels for the costume.

The bright pink color contrasts with the plain white bodysuit underneath to give the desired colorfulness of the whole costume.


4.   Flat Back Round Acrylic Jewels

The jewels serve as accessories for Rainbow Quartz's costume. The original character had one of the gems on her forehead and another on her stomach.

The jewels themselves are pink and are of acrylic and plastic. They are 50 millimeters in diameter and have a flat back.


5.   Rainbow Quartz Women Fleece Lined Skinny Fit Fleece Tights Leggings Pants (Purple)

Rainbow Quartz wore the purple leggings at some point in the series. You can also wear one to add comfortability and convenience to the costume. If you would be wearing the dress for an extended period, the leggings pants can be comfortable as well.

It is purple, and its material has part Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex. The insides of the pants have microfiber material, and the whole clothing is elastic.


 6.   Rainbow Neon pink leg warmers

Rainbow Quartz wore a neon pink leg warmers without footwear. You can wear neon pink leg warmers with or without shoes as well. They are elastic, so you don't have to worry about the size.

You can omit the leg warmers if you would be out and about for a long while, and want a minimal look to the costume.


7.   60-Inch Cotton Fabric

The length of the fabric allows you to customize Rainbow Quartz Costume further. You can sew bespoke a pair of pants for yourself, depending on what styling you choose to go for in the end.

The material is of cotton and polyester (20% cotton, 80% Polyester), and is deep blue. It doesn't stretch and measures 60 inches in width, and You would have to buy it by the yard.


8.   C-ZOFEK Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Cosplay Costume Jacket Shirt and Pants

You can go for the costume if you choose the second version of Rainbow Quartz. The package includes a shirt, a pair of pants, a jacket, and a pair of gems. The materials are cotton and polyester. The shirt has a star on it, while the outer coat is turquoise.


The clothing is more suitable for Rainbow Quartz 2.0 and is available in a wide range of sizes.