Poison Ivy Costume Guide: How to dress like Poison Ivy for Halloween and Cosplay

Poison Ivy Costume Guide: How to dress like Poison Ivy for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Poison Ivy Costume and Cosplay Guide


Poison Ivy is a fictional supervillain that appears in comic books of DC Comics. While the character is known by the name, ‘Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley’ you would certainly come across the character in Batman stories. The duo, Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, were the ones who created the character much before she appeared in her first film, Batman #181. While many people know the supervillain as the botanist and chemist of Gotham City, there were many occasions when Poison Ivy played her role with Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

About Poison Ivy’s Costume

Typically, you would observe the character barefoot and clad in a one-piece costume. The entire attire would be embellished with vines and leaves, with variations depending on her skin tone. Apart from high heels, the character wears green gloves to cover her poisonous hands. With her hair that’s long and wavy, she not only looks gorgeous but also seductive. Besides, she puts on a dark-colored lipstick to look trendy and stylish. A Green Vine leaf garland is something that she wears often when she in the dense forest.

Poison Ivy Costume Buying Ideas

  1. DC Comics Poison Ivy Womens Costume

This costume can be worn if you really want to stand out in the crowd. You are sure to feel the comfort because the leotard is designed from a blend of spandex and polyester.


  1. Batman Secret Wishes Poison Ivy Costume

This costume boasts a green layer of printed laces which closely resemble green leaves. You can wear the dress either for Halloween or a late-night party.


  1. Very detailed Poison ivy corset cosplay

For looking beautiful like never before, you can think about this corset with leaves that are painted with glitter. Since the suit is a one-piece outfit, you may need to buy an extra outfit to conceal the lower body.


  1. Poison Ivy Cosplay

If you wish to fascinate others with a unique style, then you should definitely try this cosplay. Once you buy the outfit, you would receive a high-collared shirt, faux leather gloves, thigh-high boots designed from faux leather, and green colored trousers.


  1. Poison Ivy Costume Earrings

This pair of earrings could be worn when you really don’t have apt fashion accessories. As you boast the Boho style, these earrings would shimmer like never before.


  1. CosplayLife Superhero Cosplay Costume

When you hardly have the time to dress up for Halloween, then you opt for wearing this costume. With 3D design printed across the entire dress, your presence would be felt on that special day.


  1. Ivy Poison cosplay costume

When you are unable to find an outfit as you had imagined, then you can adorn yourself with this costume. You wouldn’t feel uneasy because the costume is designed as per the individual measurements.


  1. Poison Ivy Cosplay Adult Girl Dress

When you wish to frighten and astonish others for Halloween, then this adult girl dress is just for you. For a weird look, you could put on an auburn colored wig along with the cat eyes mask.


Poison IVY DIY

Even before you step out, you should remember to put on a green Sequin Eye Mask. For a casual look to impress others, you shouldn’t forget to wear the Long Red Cosplay Wig. But, if you aim at appearing seductive, then you can make up your mind to wear a green strapless leotard. For beautifying your arms, you can complement your style by wearing the Poison Ivy Glovelette. Ways beyond, if you are slender and tall, then green tights and green high heel boots would really look elegant.