Night Monkey Costume

Night Monkey Costume

About Night Monkey

Night Monkey is the latest introduction in Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spiderman (Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland) is always on a mission to save the city. However, he wants to remain anonymous. 

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spiderman’s identity was almost disclosed. And that is why he gets a new look –an all-black stealth suit. This way, people won't recognize him as Spiderman.

For his look, he gets the name, Night Monkey. The title will keep people from thinking that Spiderman just ended drastically. And this time, he is saving both New York City and Europe.

About Night Monkey costume

If you want to cosplay Night Monkey costume, you will need to have the following pieces:

  • Night Monkey Mask
  • Black Turtleneck
  • Web Shooter
  • Biker Pants
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • A pair of Military Boots.

Night Monkey is a bit different from the usual Spider-Man cosplays. Ordinarily, Spiderman wears a black and red suit with the spider emblem on the chest. However, Peter Parker doesn’t want anyone to know that Spider-Man is in Europe.

So he needs to cancel his identity, and the costume he gets this time is dorkier. Typically, it doesn’t match up to match Peter’s attitude and age.

Night Monkey Costume Buy ideas

1.      Rubie's Marvel Spider-Man: Far from Home Child's Stealth Costume & Mask

This quality jumpsuit comes in black and Gray, and it features shoe-covers and a fabric mask. Thus, a complete costume for a child to play the Night Monkey.


2.      Party City Spider-Man Stealth Suit Costume for Children

Your child can replicate Spiderman with this complete costume. The Spiderman logo is on the jumpsuit captivating, and the black goggle and mask complete the whole look.


3.      Spider-Man Far from Home: Spider-Man Deluxe Kids

What makes this costume unique is its padding and the attached boot-tops. Still, the costume comes with a mask having molded EVA eyepiece. So, it gives an authentic look, and it will last longer.


4.      Adult Kids Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker Stealth Suit

Created from quality spandex material, this men’s jumpsuit will give you the exact look of Spiderman. It comes in different sizes, so it advisable to use the sizing chart to get the right size.


5.      Night Monkey Man Child Cosplay Costume

Made from polyester, this Spiderman costume is highly breathable and expandable. You can separate the mask from jumpsuits, which makes it easy to put on and off. above alit comes in multiple sizes for both males and females.


6.      Spider-Man Marvel Far from Home Stealth Suit Mask for Roleplay – Super Hero Mask Toy

The Flip-up eyes and goggles that move are a captivating art of these masks. Ideally, you can get different expressions with the flip-ups. Kids will love it. The size is adjustable to fit different head sizes, thanks to the flexible band.


Night Monkey DIY

By now, you know how the Night Monkey dressing code looks like. Ideally, you can replicate this look by trying out the following:

1.   RAGEMALL Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A blend of cotton and spandex, this top is soft, lightweight, and breathable. Besides, it is a slim fit and has a turtleneck design making a great option.


2.   Pilot Motosport Men's Omni Air Pants

The pants are waterproof but durable, thanks to a combination of high-quality material. The sides have reflective panels while the seat has high strength double wall material.


3.   Haho Spiderman Cotton Mask

Cover your head with this cotton, elastic full head mask. Its glasses are removable and can be illuminated.


4.   Maelstrom Men's Tic Tactical Boots

Since you want to have an adventure, these tactical boots can take you anywhere. They are moistures wicking, have a rubber outsole, and the upper is polished leather.

To complete Spiderman's Night Monkey costume look, you can add the following:


  1. A pair of fingerless gloves
  2. A set ofknee pads to protect yourself
  3. Don’t forget theweb shooter