Negan Cosplay Costume

Negan Cosplay Costume

Negan Cosplay Costume To Buy

Negan has a charismatic, manipulative, and brutal personality. He is an intelligent strategist and someone who has proven to be an effective leader after he managed to help hundreds of people stay alive through difficult times. Which is why he is adored and feared by many people. During his time as leader of the Saviors, Negan had absolute control over his subjects. He was respected by the Savior's cared about their well-being. Negan's concern for the group was shown when he executed Abraham for the slaughter of his men by Rick and his men. Negan is a self-proclaimed savior of the people around him. He can go to any length to make sure they survive.

About Negan costume

Fans of the Walking Dead TV series who want a cheaper and easier way to dress up like a zombie hunter like in the show will love Negan’s outfit. Negan's costume was quite simple and easy to make. They made him look like the perfect zombie hunter and villain. He always wore a simple classic leather jacket and a long-sleeve thermal under it (his jacket). Another standout feature of his outfit is the signature baseball bat he always held plus the brown 38 caliber cartridge gun belt on his waist where he kept his guns and bullets. The solid burgundy red bandana or red scarf on his neck-line just under his jackets' collar is a signature move for his costume. Add this to the straight plain brown leg jeans that will give you the perfect costume for a zombie attack. He always had a barbed wire garland wrapped around his bat in hand and put on leather combat boots.

Negan Costume Buy ideas

1.   Negan's Bat

Get this firm baseball bat with barbed spikes on the tip to give you something similar to Negans' babat.


2.   Cossky Negan Black Men's Leather Jacket

This black jacket with faux leather can give a similar item to the classic jacket Negan wore.


3.   Negan's Bat - The Walking Dead

This item is a replica of the original bat used by Negan leader of the saviors in the Walking Dead.


4.   Negan Costume

This product is Negan's complete costume including, Lucille (bat), Black Leather Jacket, Red Scarf, T-shirt Boots, Pants, Gun Belt, and Gloves.


5.   Negan Cosplay Costume - Walking Dead Season 8

This the complete set of the outfit worn by Negan Cosplay in the Walking Dead season 8.


Negan Costume DIY Ideas

The Lanbaosi Leather Biker men's 100% Polyester jacket with a Faux design will give you Negan style costume look with the Next Level Premium Fitted Crew, Long Sleeves underneath. Then add the Brown 38 Caliber Gun Belt made with genuine leather to match plus the Justin International Burgundy Bandana and you are good to go for the next big costume party. Go for the Lee Men's Straight Leg Jean for pants. It is a classic 5 pocket styling jean. After putting on the costume, to complete it you'll need the Wilson Slugger Base Ball Bat which is a replica of Negan's bat. This regular bat will give you the zombie hunter feel. Of course, Negan's bat was wrapped up with barbed wires so you can find something similar by adding the Bristle Silver Barbed Garland to yours. The outfit won't be complete without the Duoduo Genuine Black Jungle Boots.