Morticia Addams Costume Guide: How to dress like Morticia Addams for Halloween and Cosplay

Morticia Addams Costume Guide: How to dress like Morticia Addams for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Morticia Addams Costume and Cosplay Guide


Morticia Addams hails from the Addams Family and has always been known as a fictional character. While Charles Addams was the person who created the character, Morticia looks exactly like his first wife, Barbara Jean Day. Besides, Frump is the maiden name of Morticia and she has an elder sister with her name being Ophelia. As she played her role in the television series, her mother was none other than Hester Frump. As time rolled by, she earned recognition for her keen interest in music and a ghostly glow that speaks more about her ominous ways.

About Morticia Addam’s Costume

Whenever you watch Morticia, you would always see her in black clothes that complement her long black hair. The nail polish and the red-colored lipstick make her look like a witchlike matriarch. She exudes a gothic style by wearing Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Cross Ring and Flax Pump shoes. Once she dresses up, she also dabs makeup along with a white cream foundation. As for her dress, it is translucent and it boasts intricate artwork. Her style is defined by the fabric that keeps dangling right from her lower arms.

Morticia Addams Costume Buying Ideas

  1. Leg Avenue Women's Floor Length Gothic Dress Costume

Such as costume is entirely back in color and looks great owing to the fabric dangling from the arms. Before you rush for that special occasion, you put on a grey wig to complement your trendy look.

  1. Morticia Addams Costume

Intricately designed from polyester, this costume is nothing but a long black dress with spider web sleeves. Towards the bottom-most area of the dress, you would observe a ruffled section and tulle.

  1. Velvet Morticia Dress

Made in stretchy plush velvet, this dress seems quite similar to a form-fitting gown. The costume has full-length sleeves and is just synonymous with a fishtail skirt.

  1. Morticia Addams inspired cosplay costume dress

You would surely be incredibly surprised when you choose this costume. It’s the artistic design around the abdomen that differentiates it from all the other apparel.


This full-length dress has sheer gusseted insets, two-piece sleeves, a zipper closure, and a front gusset. You could think about this costume for Halloween or when you plan to attend a fair.

  1. The Addams Family Morticia Addams Dress Cosplay Costume for Halloween

This costume is perfect when you plan to attend an event in the evening. The dress is made from elastic spandex and a V-neck, trumpet sleeves, and a veil hem.

  1. Dreamgirl Women's Frightfully Beautiful

If you’re seeking a dress that would make you look ultra-stylish, then this costume is just for you. You would certainly fascinate everyone with the lace paneling and the sleeves.

  1. Addams family cosplay costume for Halloween

This costume is well-made from soft black velvet and is decorated with shimmering beads. For enhancing style, you could put on lipstick of a dark color shade.

  1. Leg Avenue Women's Immortal Morticia Mistress of The Dark Costume

As you purchase this dress, you can get a sequin belt, and a glitter bat necklace. You are surely going to feel comfortable as the costume is designed from polyester and spandex blend.

Morticia Addams Cosplay DIY Guide

While you get ready for an occasion, you should make sure that you have worn a Miss Darkness costume right till your ankles. Alternatively, you can also wear an Immortal Soul Costume which is made of polyester. To add on to your overall appearance, you could put on red lipstick and red nail polish. In case you have recently styled your hair in a different way, then you can put on a long black wig. Fashion accessories like the Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Cross ring would garner the attention of others. For a simple yet sophisticated look, you shouldn’t forget to dab white cream foundation and cake makeup.