Men in Black Costume: How to dress like Men in Black for Halloween and Cosplay

Men in Black Costume: How to dress like Men in Black for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Men in Black Costume and Cosplay Guide

Men in black

Men in black is a fictional film starring Will Smith (Kay) and Tommy Lee Jones (Jay) as two Men in Black secrete agents. Their role is to supervise extra-terrestrial lifeforms on Earth that disguise themselves as humans.

Typically they protect Earth from extra-terrestrial threats. The agents use memory-erasing neuralyzers to keep alien activity a secret.

These agents investigate a series of unregistered close encounters. As part of their investigations, the MIB agents uncover a plot of an intergalactic terrorist whose mission is to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies currently residing in New York City.

About Men in Black Costume

Wearing black attire is what gives these agents the Men in the Black title. Undoubtedly, they dress sharply, to drive a specific message.

You can get such attire too. To dress like MIB agents, you will need:

  • A black suit - Separate Jacket and Pants
  • White wrinkle-free shirt
  • Solid Black Tie
  • Black analog Watch
  • Black Sunglasses
  • Black pair of shoes

Such a look will send a statement you are a secret agent.

You might also consider grabbing accessories like the MIB agents Neuralizer and Frank the Pug Plush Toy.

To bring the real scenario well, get a friend to playAgent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) with these amazing men in black Costume.

Men in black Costume Buy ideas.

1.  Disguise Costumes Men in Black 3 Classic Costume

Designed from pure polyester, these children MIB costume will give your child a real MIB look. The package contains a jumpsuit and sunglasses. Complement it with black shoes.


2.   Adult Men in Black Costume Kit

This MIB costume features a costume top, sunglasses, and a nueralyzer prop. Typically that is half of the stuff you need to cosplay men in black. Complement it with black pants and black shoes to finish the MIB signature look.


3.  Child Men in Black Costume Kit

Looking to dress your child as a Men in Black agent? Grab this costume set that includes sunglasses, a top and nueralyzer Prop.


4.   Men in Black 4 Agent Sunglasses Accessory

If you have the rest of the Costume, these sunglasses will be the perfect addition. You will look more refreshing than Will Smith while interrogating those aliens. Most importantly, they suit a no-nonsense attitude.


5.   G&G MIB Men’s Black Sunglasses Dark Shades

Designed from polycarbonate, wrapped fit, and double riveted, this dark shade G&G MIB men’s black sunglasses will look great on you with your black suit and no-nonsense look. Get absolute UV400 protection besides comfortable wearing and durability. Additionally, you get a soft storage bag. 


6.   Jakks Pacific Men in Black 3 6-inch Talking Action Figure - Frank the Pug

This Frank, the Pug is a perfect accessory to complete your MIB look. 


Men in black Cosplay DIY Guide

Do you want to look calculating as well as mysterious? With an accurate Men in Black Costume, you will ultimately have such a look. Remember, it is a popular thing to DIY men in black. Black suit, black goggles, and few accessories can give a perfect look. However, you can give it a unique touch for accuracy.

Let's dress you like Men in black:


Here you need a sleek, classy black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. So your blazers and pants must all be black. Such attire will give you a stealth look, typical of a secret agent.

Since these costumes are becoming common, you can purchase a full suit as a costume from Halloween stores, online retail stores, or costume shops. Alternatively, you buy the items separately. Take a look:

  1. For the blazer, choose the Kenneth Cole REACTION Slim Fit Suit. Designed from a blend of polyester and rayon, this blazer is dark black and sleek.
  2. For the pants, buy the Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Flat Front pants. Like the blazer, they feature a polyester-rayon blend. The pants have slank pockets and a u-ring flat-front silhouette.
  3. Shirt:you can choose Unlisted Men's Dress, Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Fitted Poplin Solid, and the Paul Jones Men's Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirts. These options feature quality construction and material for durability.
  4. Tie: the Jacob Alexander Solid Colour Men's Regular Tie or the New Skinny Solid Black 2 Inch Necktie Tie are premium options in giving you a MIB agent look.


All agents have professional looking hair, and Men in Black isn’t an exception. So keep your hair well-kempt by simply running a comb. Eliminate all the loose strands and messy spots. This should give you a professional look.


Men in black wear dark shade sunglasses all the time, whether day or night. But these are just not sunglasses. They are devises to protect their memory from being wiped while using the memory wiping devices.

However, in some cases, they are just sunglasses to give them a mean but cool look. So, you can look too by grabbing a pair of black sunglasses to add to your Costume.

  1. The G&G MIB Men’s Black Sunglasses Dark Shades are a great option in playing the MIB. The sunglasses will offer you protection against UV400.


Purchase a pair of polished black dress shoes to wear on your feet.

There are a lot of options, but the Frasoicus Men's Oxford Formal Wingtip Leather is ideal. With a flexible rubber sole and soft leather upper, these are one of the most comfortable shoes to buy.


    To play tricks like a real agent, you will need some accessories. The best accessories will add some detail to your Costume. 

    1. Neuralyzers: you can use the Men in Black Alien Neuralizer Toy. The 9-inch Neuralyzer toy has sound and light effects to make it more practical.
    2. Stylish black wristwatch: the Nixon Time Teller A045 will give you a classy look.
    3. Frank the Pug: you can create this alien informant disguised as a pup dog by using a stuffed dog toy. The best match could be the Jakks Pacific Men in Black Talking Action Figure.

    If you intend to go for a cosplay, get a few friends to dress up.