Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Guide: How to dress like Mary Katherine for Halloween and Cosplay

Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Guide: How to dress like Mary Katherine for Halloween and Cosplay

 Best Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume and Cosplay Guide

Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume To Buy

Mary Katherine Gallagher is a character on Saturday Night Live. She is an unpopular teenage Catholic school girl who's prone to mood swings. Katherine is hyperactive and ponderous. She always had to deal with stage fright. She is highly competitive despite suffering from stage fright. She lacks adequate social skills. When she gets nervous, Katherine would place hands under her armpits. She always demonstrated this behavior to most of the new people she came in contact with. She also always flashed her underwear either intentionally or accidentally. Katherine has been described as a clumsy Catholic school nerd. She was overly dramatic most of the time.

About Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume

You can be a superstar actress when you put on Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume. Mary's outfit looks hilarious. The costume's pieces are easy to find and put together. The costume can be assembled quickly. It is hysterical and you have no reason to sniff your armpits or feel nervous about it. You can start to put this costume together by putting a red headband on your hair plus a pair of vintage shades on your eyes. You must look like a Catholic school girl just like Mary by getting the proper uniform. A white uniform blouse and black cross tie. After which you add a button vest over the shirt and tie. Before putting on a green and blue skirt. Then complete your Mary Katherine Gallagher costume with a pair of black sneakers white high socks. Do this and you are good to go on your adventure as the next superstar like Mary.

Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Buy ideas

1.  SNL Mary Kathrine Adult Costume

This item consists of a shirt vest, skirt, vintage glasses, and headband to give you Mary's look.


2.  Mary Katherine Gallagher Adult Wig

This classic wig is a replica of what Mary Katherine Gallagher wore on Saturday Night Live


3.  Unisex Adjustable Tie

This tie is 100% polyester. It is adjustable and ideal for neck sizes of 54cm/21.


4.  Edwards Women's Lined V-neck Vest

This item is 100% polyester and fully lined. It an economy vest with two functional pockets.


5.  Women's Japan High Waist Costume Skirt

This beautiful women's high waist costume skirt is good for cosplay. It comes with zipper closure.


6.  Sunnow Women's Short Sleeve Button Shirt

This shirt sleeve shirt has a button closure. It is 69% cotton, 3% spandex and 29% nylon.


7.  Katherine Gallagher Costume

This item includes an embroidered patch, wig, shoes, glasses, and socks plus a headband.


Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume DIY

Mary's outfit is hilarious and easy to recreate. It is ideal for cosplay roles. Start preparing Mary's costume by getting a Red Headband over your head. The next on the list of items to add is a pair of Vintage Glasses plus a Black Uniform Cross Tie. That's half the required items for Mary's costume. Next in line is a White Uniform Blouse and Button Up Vest. Plus Iron on Patch and the Plaid Catholic School Skirt. After getting these you can finish your Mary Katherine Gallagher outfit and do cosplay by adding a pair of White High Socks and Black Sneakers.