Marty McFly Costume Guide: How to dress like Marty McFly for Halloween and Cosplay

Marty McFly Costume Guide: How to dress like Marty McFly for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Marty McFly Costume and Cosplay Guide

About Marty McFly

Born in Hill Valley, California, Martin Seamus McFly is the protagonist of the Back to the Future trilogy, a character portrayed by Michael J. Fox.

Marty is easy-going, friendly, and brave. He showcases basic street fighting skills during confrontations. Throughout the film, he is loyal to friends and family.

As a teenager, he plays guitar with his friends and liked listening to music. Before this, he meets Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, whom they become friends.  In Back to the Future Part 2, Marty’s character can no longer play the guitar due to a hand injury he sustained in 1985 after crushing into a Rolls-Royce.

About Marty McFly costume

Marty McFly's attire is classical yet straightforward. With the attire, you get the classic look of the '80s.

It is a simple to replicate.

Get a quality solid dark color cotton T-shirt and then add a checked short-sleeve shirt. Put on a trucker jacket, and complete it with a sierra down vest. Now you are almost done.

Marty wears jeans, so get a pair of modern slim fit jeans(blue). You may or may not attachblack suspenders, and you’ll still be fine.

Complete the timeless look with a pair of leather sneakers, probably from Nike or Adidas, and get a calculator watch from Casio.

If you want to cosplay, get a few friends like Doc and Jenifer. Take your game to the next level by carrying a hoverboard.

Marty McFly Costume Buy ideas

1.  Back to the Future Kids  Marty McFly Costume Jacket

Designed from polyester and PVC, this kid’s jacket features a separating front zipper, two false pocket flaps, and waistband. The sleeves are extendible and are held by hook and flap.


2.   Back to the Future Marty McFly Costume

Designed from pure polyester, this X-Small size 3piece costume features a black and white button-up shirt, a "Save the Clock Tower" flyer, a red vest, a denim jacket, a holographic card. Thus, you get a high-quality look.


3.  Smith's Workwear Men's Double Insulated Puffer Vest

This polyester jacket features hand warming pockets, a zipper closure, and a secure inner chest pocket. It’s double insulated to offer additional warmth.


4.   Back to the Future Child Marty McFly Costume

This costume features a classic red vest, black and white short-sleeved shirt, and jacket. With this costume, you get a layered look.


5.  Back to the Future Kids Marty McFly Costume Jacket

This Marty McFly's jacket will give your child the 80's hero look. The faux leather exterior with gray sleeves gives it a decent look.


6.  Marty McFly Costume for Women

This package includes a tank top with narrow shoulder straps, short-sleeved shirt, chambray jacket with wide elastic waistband with snaps at center front, and padded anorak vest.


7.  Authentic Marty McFly Jacket

The 100% polyester jacket is an authentic Marty McFly Jacket. It features a red body in "waffle" style fabric and faux leather sleeves, collar, and pocket details.


8.   Marty McFly, Jr. Jacket Back Tothe Future Sleeves Adjust

This Marty jacket features a high-quality construction making it long-lasting. The sleeves are designed for fleece, and it has a full zipper functionality.


9.   Back to the Future Marty McFly Costume

This is a quality Marty, Back to the Future full costume. It is designed from quality material, including polyester fabric and fiberfill. You get blue jeans, classic red vest and black and white plain short sleeve shirt.


10.  Nike SB Dunk Low Marty McFly Size 9

These quality shoes feature a grey upper and splashed midsole, just like Nike Mag sneaker. But with an icy teal sole.


Marty McFly Cosplay DIY Guide 

Here are ideas to DIY Marty McFly costume:

  1. Levi's Men's Fit Jeans: designed from pure cotton, these jeans sit on the waist and have a button fly.
  2. Largemouth Men's Marty McFly Shirt White: created from polyester and cotton blend, this black and white checkered shirt will recreate Marty's look.
  3. Woolrich Men's Sierra down Vest: created from pure polyester, this jacket features an Archive-inspired design, and it is the best to give you Marty’s look. Just get a red one.