Marty McFly

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About Marty McFly

Born in Hill Valley, California, Martin Seamus McFly is the protagonist of the Back to the Future trilogy, a character portrayed by Michael J. Fox. Marty is easy-going, friendly, and brave. He showcases basic street fighting skills during confrontations. Throughout the film, he is loyal to friends and family. As a teenager, he plays guitar with his friends and liked listening to music. Before this, he meets Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, whom they become friends. In Back to the Future Part 2, Marty’s character can no longer play the guitar due to a hand injury he sustained in 1985 after crushing into a Rolls-Royce.

1. 1. Back to the Future Kids Marty McFly Costume Jacket

Designed from polyester and PVC, this kid’s jacket features a separating front zipper, two false pocket flaps, and waistband. The sleeves are extendible and are held by hook and flap.

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2. Back to the Future Marty McFly Costume

Designed from pure polyester, this X-Small size 3piece costume features a black and white button-up shirt, a "Save the Clock Tower" flyer, a red vest, a denim jacket, a holographic card. Thus, you get a high-quality look.

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