Lois Griffin Costume: How to dress like Lois Griffin for Halloween and Cosplay

Lois Griffin Costume: How to dress like Lois Griffin for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Lois Griffin Costume and Cosplay Guide

About Lois Griffin

Lois Patrice Griffin is a fictional character in the animated television series Family Guy voiced by Alex Borstein. She was born Lois Pewterschmidt, and was brought up in a wealthy family with, Carol her sister.

Additionally, they have an older brother, Patrick, who is confined in a mental asylum for being a serial killer. Lois has a family – children Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin, and husband, Peter.They live with a family dog – Brian.

The series portrays Lois as a stereotypical mother and housewife. Records indicate she is recovering from methamphetamine addiction and kleptomania.

Besides, Lois has had several affairs, one of which resulted in the conception of Meg.

About Lois Griffin costume

Lois Griffin is fun, as well as a simple character. You can easily cosplay has attire for your next events. Probably, you might already be having these clothes in your closet.

The essential item you need is:

  • A khaki pair of skinny pants
  • A three-quarter sleeved women’s shirt - green
  • Flat women’s shoes – purple

Look, while purple shoes may be ideal, any dark-colored flat shoes can still recreate Lois's look. Similarly, the green top can also be long-sleeved.

Now, it is time to accessorize your look. In this case, you will need a short hair wig, Round Bead green Stud Earrings, and Red Lipstick. And you can add a Stewie plush doll just for fun. But if your hair is already dyed red, then that is enough. If not, get a wig in red finish. 

If you are group cosplaying, get costumes for members. Begin with the lunatic Stewie. And then others - Peter, Meg, and Chris can follow.

Lois Griffin Costume Buy ideas

The following ideas are great for recreating Lois’s look. Check them out.

1.   Lois Griffin (Family Guy) outfit

This is a complete outfit featuring khaki pants, green top, green jacket, purple boots, and a long fiber red wig. Best of all, the costume is designed from quality material, and so you can play Lois without worrying.


2.   I Love Louis Griffin Sticker Decal

If you love Louis Griffin, then you better get this premium quality sticker. Stick it on your laptop, van, car or motorbike. They are easy to stick and designed from waterproof material, and when you remove them, they leave no marks.


3.  Doublju Basic Women Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button-down Collared Shirts

Designed from cotton, polyester, and spandex, this button-down dress shirt is premium quality. It's an ideal size for plus women, and this mint heather will match with a skinny khaki trouser.


4.   Dickies Women's Flat Front Stretch Twill Pant Slim Fit Bootcut

It's a stretchy pair of pants made from cotton and spandex. It features a twill design that makes the pants ideal for any activities. The waistband is contoured and has a stretchy interlining to prevent gapping in the back.


5.   LOUISE MAELYS Short Straight Hair Bob Wig

This 100 percent synthetic wig features a perfect profile of Anime or Movie character. So you can use it to recreate Lois's look accurately. The inside cap has a hook, which you can use to adjust the size to fit many head sizes.


Lois Griffin Cosplay DIY Guide

Here are ideas to recreate a captivating Lois Griffin at home:

  1. Begin with this Women’s Aeropostale Skinny Khaki Pants
  2. Add thLE3NO Long Sleeve Buttondown Shirt.
  3. Transform the look of your hair to resemble Lois’s with the golden orange MapofBeauty Wig Short Hair.
  4. Then apply the prominent red lipstick, which actually should be long-lasting but with a luxurious feel. The best option here is the Helmut Red Limited Edition, which offers an unadulterated sexiness.
  5. Do not forget the signature green round beads studs, which Lois usually wears.
  6. Finally, a pair of purple Ballerina Ballet Flat Shoes will complete the look.