King Triton Costume Guide: How to dress like King Triton for Halloween and Cosplay

King Triton Costume Guide: How to dress like King Triton for Halloween and Cosplay

Best King Triton Costume Guide


About King Triton

King Triton is the main character in the animated film The Little Mermaid. He carries a mighty trident as the king, and it gives him control over the entire seas.

Queen Athena, who is now late, was King Triton's wife. Together, they born seven children, all girls. One of his children is Ariel; he was overprotective of her and didn't want her to admire the human world due to his hatred for humankind.

King Triton has a sassy, feisty personality. He is muscular and handsome. The trident he wields is of pure gold, it glows and strobes when he uses it. He wears a crown and armbands, allof which are made of gold. King Triton has superpowers, which include Super Speed, Superstrength, Thermoendurance, Aquakinesis,etc.

His archenemy throughout the movie was an old witch in the sea called Ursula. She used to be a senior member of King Triton's court. Ever since King Triton banished her, she has been seeking revenge on him.


About King Triton Costume

The costume focuses on showing off your muscle and making you the ruler of the ocean. Some white hair and beard set the look in motion. The hair and beard are white, and you can get them either by dyeing your hair or buying a white wig. You can get the hair and beard, together with a king's crown, very quickly at a costume shop.

The tails for King Triton costume is a typical merman one; It is bright turquoise with a few shiny scales. If you would be doing a lot of walking, take extra care with the tail. Also, a green tail is a good substitute for if you couldn't get the turquoise.

The most important part of the costume is the trident and the gold bands for the hands. The crown has some shiny spikes around it. On the other hand, the trident is a fork with three prongs.

You can get the trident from a store, or make one yourself with objects you can find at home, and some paint.The King Triton Costume is almost complete, once you've gotten the trident and crown. He doesn't wear a shirt, but if you're planning to go out with the costume, you might want to wear one. It could be a plain shirt or a one that has a graceful picture of abs, just like King Triton's.

Get into action by telling your daughter what to do as you show off a bit of King Triton's personality.You could go even further with the costume by having friends dress up as the other characters in the movie. They could dress up as Ursula, Ariel, and Prince Eric to complete the Little Mermaid group costume.


King Triton Costume Guide Buy Ideas 

1.   King Triton Men's Poseidon Costume


The costume package includes the crown, a cape, shirt, belt, and a pair of pants. It comes in a wide selection of sizes.


2.   King Triton Beard Little Mermaid Inspired Costume Piece

The package contains only King Triton's beard and mustache. The beard comes in Adult and child sizes, which are 12 inches and 9 inches, respectively.


3.   Kid's King Triton The Little Mermaid Inspired Shirt

The shirt is of cotton, spandex, and has a design of King Triton's chest and a part of his beards. However, the shirt only comes in child sizes as of yet.


4.   King Triton Poseidon Costume

The package includes a Crown, Bracelets, and Beard. The crown is in 4-inch, 5-inch dimensions, while the bracelets in 5-inch and 8-inch configurations.


5.   King Triton Golden Crown

The crown is of faux leather and comes in adult and child sizes. It has a metal wire around the base that rests on the head.


6.   King Triton's Neptune Costume

The package contains chest pieces, pieces of rope, crown, wrist cuffs, and a robe. It uses materials such as Polyester, Faux fur, and suede fabrics.


 King Triton DIY

The following are some items you can find to assemble King Triton's costume on your own.

1.   King Triton's Mermaid Tail

The tail is of Polyester and Spandex, and swimmable as well. It also includes an opening for the legs for smooth movement.The manufacturers also put a mermaid swim fin with food strap in the package.

You would find it suitable if you were wearing King Triton's costume around swimming pools. It comes in several different colors as well. The design options also include pattern design, for if you want to stand out more with the costume.


2.   King Triton's Golden Trident

The manufacturer of the golden trident intends it for sea-related costumes, making it suitable for King Triton's Costume. It is of a durable material that can last for an extended period. The trident has a twisty look, and the gold paint makes it suitable for a showy costume performance.

The package comes in 5 pieces, which come together to make one trident unit.The pieces screw unto one another, and the trident measures 60 inches as a vertical unit. Its head is 8 inches across and 12 inches high.


3.   King Crown for King Triton

You can use an elaborate crown as part of your DIY King Triton costume. It is especially suitable if you consider the typical King Triton's to be too flimsy for your taste.

The crown is plastic but has decorations that make it look like a genuine royal crown. Its main headpiece has gold paint, and false gems in red, yellow, blue, and pink colors. However, note thatit is available in only one adult dimension.


4.   King Triton Gold Wristband

The wristbands come in a pair in the package. They're plastic and have an elastic part that allows them to flex on bigger hands. You can also adjust the elastic to fit more comfortably on your wrists. The wristbands complete King Triton's costume nicely.They do a better job when compared with gold bracelets.


5.   King Triton White Hair and Beard

The package includes a synthetic fiber wig and beard. The hair is one inch long, and 14 inches wide. The product has the official license of another movie, but you can still use it for King Triton's costume.

Its manufacturer advises that you style it before wearing it. It is generally the more comfortable option than having to dye your actual hair and beard white