Khal Drogo Costume Guide: How to dress like Khalo Drogo for Halloween and Cosplay

Khal Drogo Costume Guide: How to dress like Khalo Drogo for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Khal Drogo Costume and Cosplay Guide

Khal Drogo Costume Guide To Buy

When it comes to the top ten favorite characters on TV series, Khal Drogo is one of them. Despite being a savage warrior, he won the hearts of many on the HBO original series, Game of Thrones. His large build and ferocious character made the role more believable. However, Drogo’s role was much deeper than just being a warrior. He is skilled and confident and this is why he could lead a band of savages at the time. He married the daughter of the mad king, Daenerys Targaryen, and sought to help her reclaim the iron throne.

About Khal Drogo Costume

If you think you can pull off this look, then you can easily recreate it. The first thing you will need is a black wig and it should be tied into a braid. Drogo never cut his hair and has never been defeated in battle. Next up is a long black beard and paint for your chest and eyes. You will also need faux armor to complete the classic warrior look.

A sickle weapon may also come in handy as it was used by the warlord of the Dothraki. Some fake blood on it may also make it look more real. The costume is not ready without some brown captain boots and baggy brown pants. If you want to make it more fun, you can get a female friend to cosplay Khaleesi or Daenerys. We have gathered cosplay ideas to recreate this look. You can get them online with ease.

Khal Drogo Costume Buy Ideas

1.  Forum Novelties Faux Leather Armor and Belt 

This costume set includes a belt, faux leather chest armor, and a loincloth attached beneath. It is the full chest covering needed for this costume.


2.  Armband and Wrist Guard Set

This set only contains a wrist guard and armband. Both are made from polyester and use lace-up closure.


3.  HMS Throne Beard, Standard

This beard is made from synthetic fiber and comes with an attached mustache. It is suitable for other costumes as well.


4.  Khal Drogo Cosplay Costume Game of Thrones; Dothraki leather armor; Drogo costume; cosplay belt and bracers; corset set; black Friday

This belt is made from genuine leather and serves as a brace for the tummy. It was designed to look the part with artificial aging.


5.  Khal Drogo leather bracers Game of Thrones; Drogo costume; Dothraki leather armor; fantasy warrior unisex cosplay costume

This leather brace is handmade and comes in pairs. It is also bespoke, so be ready to send your measurements to get yours.


6.  Khal Drogo Costume: Custom built

This costume is made with cowhide, rivets, goatskins, and grommets. The belt is a tweaked version of Drogo's but it should work perfectly. Both the front and back are laced with rivets.


7.   Men’s Medieval Warrior

This faux leather pants have an intricate harness on the top to make it look more believable. Pair it with a wig and be ready to conquer all your enemies in the seven kingdoms.


8.  Men's Horse Lord Warrior Wig

The medieval warrior look is never complete without a wig. It is made from synthetic fibers and has an elastic band to make it more fitting.



Khal Drogo Cosplay DIY Guide

If Drogo is your favorite character, you can replicate his look with a long black warrior wig, long black beard, face paint, faux leather armor, armband and wrist guard, and fisherman wrap pants. Don’t forget your men’s captain boot and bloody weapons sickle.