Gomez Addams Costume Guide: How to dress like Gomez Addams for Halloween and Cosplay

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Gomez Addams Costume Guide: How to dress like Gomez Addams for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Gomez Addams Costume Guide

About Gomez Addams

As the Addams Family patriarch, Gomez Addams always wears a bow tieto his chalk-stripe suit. Besides, he wears a wide variety of lavish clothing.And each month, he spends $1000 on cigars.

Surprisingly, he is a skilled juggler and knife-thrower. Gomez is an acrobatic, athletic, and eccentric multi-billionaire, courtesy of inheritance, and investments. But he has little regard for money because he spends it on whimsical endeavors.

Husband to Morticia, Gomez has divine love for crashing toys and diving for crabs on Halloween. He always pulls a pocket watch from his coats breast pocket while checking a wristwatch.

About Gomez Addams costume

If the lavish but witty Gomez Addams outfit is something to buy, you will need to have the following.  

  • White Button-up Shirt
  • Pin-Striped/chalk-stripe suit
  • Fake Cigar
  • Slim Black Tie
  • A pair of black shoes
  • Gomez Wig and Moustache

Now, these clothing will make you look likeGomez Addams. You can easily find such outfits at costume shops. Alternatively, you can look up online for vendors who can help you get close to Gomez Addams’s style.

If you have a crew, then complete the family. Dress them like his children Wednesday and Pugsley, his wife Morticia, his Uncle Fester, and Lurch. This can make an outstanding cosplay for Halloween.

Gomez Addams Costume Buy ideas          

1.      Gomez of The Addams Family Men’s Costume

This polyester Gomez suit has an official license. It comes with a mask. The jacket has an attached shirt (false) and tie.


2.      Rubie's Men's Addams Family - Gomez Adams Adult Costume

The Rubie's Men’s costume is a complete package. You get a Jacket with an attached shirt front, a bow tie, and pants. You can also order a costume dress for your partner to complete the family.


3.      Rubie's Adult the Addams Family Gomez Adams Adult Costume Wig

The wig is 2" high by 12" wide, and it is made of plastic. Use the mas to complement your Gomez Adams costume suit. It is black and short and comes with a mustache. 


4.      The Addams Family Halloween Costume

This is a whole family costume coming in sizes 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Keep in mind; this is for sewing patterns; therefore, not for ready to wear costumes.


5.      Vintage Gomez Addams Family Halloween Costume Mask

If you are looking for a vintage mask, then this is the right option for you. It is a reminiscence of Rubies Monster Classic TV Show.


6.      Adult Gomez Costume

It is fancy, it is real. This polyester black and the purple striped jacket have an attached red shirt front with a foam bow tie, and a matching black and purple striped pants. Step in it for that big Halloween event.


7.      The Addams Family Child Wig and Mustache 

Give your child a Gomez Addams look with this faux hair wig and Mustache. The hair wig has an elastic mesh cap while the Mustache features adhesive strips. So it stays secure once you wear it.


8.      The Addams Family Gomez Child Costume

Clothe your kid with this Gomez family child costume, for that event at hand. The 3-part suit comes with a jacket that has hook and loops at the back for fastening and a pair of pants. The jacket has a shirt insert and necktie. And both pants and jackets have black and purple pinstripes.


9.      Addams Family Adult Costume Wigs

Looking to dress up for a Halloween party? This synthetic adult wig will help you replicate the looks of Gomez Addams.


Gomez Addams Cosplay DIY Guide

Replicating Gomez Addams's look shouldn't be a problem. Here is an excellent DIY example.


1.   California Men's Gomez Adams Gangster Costume

The costume features a Jacket, Pants, Dickey and Tie. These parts are designed from polyester and cotton.


2.   Rubie's Adult Wig

This wig should complement the suit to give you Gomez’s look.


3.   Rockport Men's Gomez Adams Almartin Oxford

These leather shoes should match up to the lavish dress of Gomez.