Dwight Schrute Costume Guide:  How to dress like Dwight Schrute for Halloween and Cosplay

Dwight Schrute Costume Guide: How to dress like Dwight Schrute for Halloween and Cosplay

Best Dwight Schrute Costume Guide

About Dwight Schrute

The competence of Dwight Schrute at the beginning of the series The Office is commendable, though he speaks in an intense halting manner in all conversations. His hard work saw him elevated to head the Dunder Mifflin regional branch in the last episode.

Throughout the series, Dwight is depicted as a craving for authority but aresourceful salesman. However,he is ignorant, gullible, and naïve. His desk-mate, and salesman, Jim Halpert, trick him easily.  On the brighter side, he has elegant business attire. 

Despite this, he is a beet plantation owner, bed-and-breakfast proprietor at Schrute Farms, and owns the business park that hosts Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

About Dwight Schrute costume

Dwight Schrute dresses in impressive business attire. No doubt about it - His style is unique.  Mainly, he wears muted brown and gray-toned suits. In most cases, accompanying the outfits is signature dandelion/mustard yellow shirts, which are usually short-sleeved.

On the other hand, his jackets are somewhat basic. Ideally, they have buttons and are usually single-breasted dual side vent sport coats.

Now, the funny part is how Dwight handles his jackets. Typically, he uses them to make hilarious theatrics. One time, while consoling a hysterical Pam Beesley, he removed his jacket, only to tie it around his waist – he felt hot.

So what do you need to replicate this costume?

  • Mustard yellow/dandelion colored short-sleeved shirts
  • Brown and gray suits
  • Calculator wristwatch
  • Necktie
  • Aviator frame glasses
  • Black oxford dress shoes
  • Flip phone to clip on your belt like Dwight

Dwight's pants usually do not have a distinguishing feature. They are simply brown or grey.

Dwight Schrute Costume Buy ideas

1.  The Office T-Shirt - Dwight Schrute T-Shirt

Designed from 100% cotton, and is already pre-shrunk and washed by an enzyme to give it the smoothest and softest feel for comfortable wearing. The prints are long-lasting, clear, and incredible.


2.  Adult Office Schrute Complete Suit - Halloween Costume Set

If you intend to replicate Dwight's looks, then this full costume suit is the ideal option. Wear it or cosplay or Halloween party.


3.  iApparel Schrute Farms Dunder Mifflin Grey Men Shirt

Designed from a mix of polyester and cotton, this soft t-shirt fits true to size. The imprints are solid and visible and will last long.


4.   Schrute Farms graphic screen printed men's/unisex t-shirt

This quality t-shirt brings to light the farmhouse vibe. It comes in different colors and sizes. Wear it for a smart look, with your jeans or other casual clothing.


5.  Pumpkin Head Dwight Schrute shirt

Once, Dwight got a huge pumpkin stuck on his head, and continued with business as usual. Now, this t-shirt will remind you of that episode. It is a unisex version as well as true to size.


6.  Schrute Farms graphic screen printed t-shirt unisex

This is a classic casual t-shirt. It is designed from quality cotton and polyester mix and fits true to size. Find it in yellow, white maroon and black.



Dwight Schrute Cosplay DIY

Here is how to DIY Dwight Schrute:

1.  P & L Men's 2-Piece Classic Fit Single Breasted 2 Buttons Suit

It is a complete suit, made of superior material- 100% polyester. It is soft, comfortable, and breathable.


2.  Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit

This mustard yellow short-sleeved shirt from polyester and cotton. It is a regular fit and will give a classic Dwight’s look.


3.  Retreez Tartan Check Styles Woven Men’s Tie

It is a 100% Polyester Microfiber, making a high-quality tie for a classic look.


4.  GrinderPUNCH Aviator Clear Lens Fashion Eyewear

This glass, non-prescription eyewear, will give Dwight Schrute an ultimate look, thanks to their Aviator frame.

  1. You can complement the look with his calculator watch
  2. Complete Dwight’s costume with this prop pager.